Monday, 31 December 2012

A Little Haul - The Sales!

Hello everyone, I haven't posted for over a month, I'm shocked. I feel very annoyed at myself for abandoning my blog. School work and Christmas prevented me from doing a post. I'm very sorry! I have lots of posts planned including a few lovely beauty things that I want to review and show you, I'm not dissapearing again!

Before and after Christmas I went shopping and manged to find some lovely things on sale. I thought I'd show you them all just to give you an idea of my personal style/tastes and the types of things you can find in sales.


My favourite purchase has to be my new dress. It was reduced from £35 to £10 - big bargain. I was delighted when I found it, tried it on and liked it!


Friday, 9 November 2012

My current favourite nail varnish..

I bought my first No7 nail varnish in August (I think) and instantly fell in love with the brand. No7 is a big brand which I always find in Boots shops, I'm not sure if the brand is anywhere else. I own a few of their products, including one or two other products which deserve a review, but their nail varnishes are definitely my favourite's from the brand.

No7 nail varnish "Milan" is currently my favourite nail varnish and has been for the past few weeks. I LOVE it. Seriously.

Friday, 19 October 2012

MAC lipstick review - Russian Red

I haven't been able to blog recently because early last week my laptop broke. I was so upset because I do rely on my laptop for a lot of things such as schoolwork, I'm in the process of applying to university and I definitely cannot afford another laptop. Lucky my friend was able to sort out the problems on my laptop and I got it back today. He even installed Photoshop for me and put on some new music. I'm so relieved and happy.

Today I thought I would review the MAC Russian Red lipstick. I adore it. I bought it with my birthday money to treat myself. I had been wanting to try MAC products for ages. It cost £14, I'm haven't 100% decided if the lipstick is worth the "pricey" cost just yet, I'm still debating.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Prince and Princess..

For my A-level photography I have chosen the coursework theme "Fantasy with a fairy tale twist". On Monday I did a photo shoot of Lucy and Jarred, two of my lovely friends and a great couple, for my coursework.
I'm so proud of the pictures and I'm happy I took them. As part of my theme is "fairy tale twist" I tried to make Lucy and Jarred look like a prince and princess.
They both wore their prom outfits, I think they looked great and suited my theme well. I have decided to show you all 6 of the pictures. Photography is something I really do love and its my own work so I like sharing my photography on my blog. Here are the pictures-

They were both so happy with the pictures, just like me. I have had a lot of lovely feedback from their family's  my own family and various friends. The feedback made me so happy - I'm ill at the moment (cough and cold!) so it definitely cheered me up!
I'm very grateful they were able to help with my coursework, I'm so excited to do the rest of my photography now.
What do you all think? I'd love some feedback!
Thank-you for reading! xx

*Please do not take any of these pictures off my blog.. thank-you*

Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Favourites!

Last month I didn't really have any favourites I wasn't using any new products  and all of my "favourites" were products that had been featured in previous favourites posts.
However this month I do have favourites-

  • Bridesmaids- I love this film!! For anybody who doesn't know, it's a comedy film. I personally find it really amusing. The actresses (and actors) are funny and I think it has a good plot. My mother enjoyed it too so I think it appeals to lots of different people and age groups - definitely worth a watch!
  • Heart bracelet- I love it. It is so lightweight and the hearts have a lovely pattern on them. I also love the colour it is. It goes nicely with so many of my outfits.
  • No 7 nail varnish- I will definitely be reviewing this nail varnish soon, this week definitely, I absolutely love it. No 7 is such a good brand and I adore their nail polishes. Look out for the post!
  • Adore perfume- The perfume is Next's own brand. I bought it in their summer sale so I don't know if its still in their stores. It's a lovely scent but it isn't too over powering. Due to this perfume I've been told that I smell nice A LOT this month!!
  • Nair hair removal cream- We all get hair in unwanted places, don't pretend you don't. Personally I'm not a fan of plucking and find it too time consuming so I love hair removal cream. This is a really good cream, it takes 5 minutes for the cream to remove the hair and it hasn't burnt me and doesn't sting my skin - yay!
  • No7 'Stay Perfect' foundation- This is one of the new foundation's from No 7's colour match products. I really like it and it is the perfect match. I shall be doing a post about this too.
  •  Heart earrings- I love these earrings. I've received many compliments due to these too.
  • MUA lipstick- I love these, I've done one or two posts about them. They're so cheap but great quality. They are also really moisturising and I wear them to school because they are too vibrant. 
Close up of the bracelet and earrings - the picture is from my last haul post

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I'll be reviewing the nail varnish and foundation soon :) xx

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A mixed review - Lush Shower Jelly

I love showers, especially when I use my very fast one. I never have baths. I was intrigued when I found out about the Lush shower jelly from other Bloggers, definitely different from shower gel. Due to curiosity, I bought "Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly".

I have mixed feelings about this product because I personally think it has a mixture of advantages and disadvantages. Here is my opinion -

  • Like most Lush products it smells gorgeous (in the pot). It smells like actual sweets, it reminds me of a medicine I used to have as a child, possibly Calpol. I just love sniffing it. 
  • It's a fun product. I seriously had a funny shower trying to use this shower. It is like jelly, it wobbled out of my hand and it was amusing trying to keep hold of it. 
  • It isn't too pricey. My little but generously sized pot cost £3.10.
  • It's hard to use. It does wobble and as your in the shower you do get wet. It pretty hard to cling onto a slippery piece of jelly AND scrub it all over your body properly. 
  • The only part of my body that smelt nice after my shower were my hands which had spent most of the shower clinging onto the jelly. I expected to smell a bit "sweety" due to the way the product smells - I didn't at all. I was really disappointed. 
  • It's time consuming. I really wouldn't recommend using it if you're in a rush. 

My camera didn't like this product - I'm sorry this picture is over exposed. 
I will be doing a bit research to find out if there is an easier way to use the product. I think I may also use a bit more of the jelly next time.  However I do not think I will be repurchasing this product. I love Lush and I kind of like the product but I don't think it's worth the hassle and I like to smell nice after my showers!

Have any of you used this product? What was your opinion? xx

P.S I love Lush. I'm sorry if I sound negative, I know my "disadvantages" were. I just want to give you all my honest opinion.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012


A lot of people think history is boring - I don't. History fascinates me, I think it's really interesting to find out about how people used to live in the past and how the world used to be.

I love looking at Castle's and finding cute little details that link to the past. I went to one on Sunday in Monmouth, Wales. I thought I'd combine another thing I love into this post.. photography .. and show you all some snaps. 

Jacket - Primark
Top - New Look (old)
Skinny Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Shoe Zone

Bracelet - New Look
Bag - Matalan

Hope you all enjoyed this little post! xx

Monday, 3 September 2012

New Look, Superdrug and Matalan haul!

Last week I spent a day shopping, I wandered around my nearby retail park because I wanted new tops. I bought more than two tops - some lovely jewelry and some boots that I'll wear a lot this winter. I also went to Superdrug for nail varnish remover but got distracted and bought other things instead.. oops!

I adore both of these tops. They both have birds on which I really like on clothing and they are both really comfy. I especially love the detail on the black patterned top on the right. Both of these top are from New Look. The one on the left was £9.99 and the top on the right was £14.99 - I think! 

Above is a close up of the cute bird print on each top!

  • MUA lipstick - This was £1, I love their lipsticks!
  • Garnier eye make up remover - I'm not 100% sure whether I'm happy with this product or not, I'll let you know! This was around £3.50 but when I bought them, they were on offer - 2 for £3.99.
  • MUA face powder - I still haven't tried this yet but I'm hoping it'll be good. The MUA brand hasn't failed to displease me yet! 
  • MUA nail varnish - I have reviewed this already on my blog, I love it. It cost £1. 
All of the 4 items I mentioned above were from Superdrug. 

Both of these earrings were "buy one get one free", I've lost my receipt so I cannot remember how much they both were. They were around £3.50/£3.99 each. 

I bought this heart bracelet because I love the colour, it cost £3.50. The earrings cost £3.99, I bought them for school. I love the different coloured jewels" in them (fake obviously). They were both from New Look. 

These boots are going to be perfect for winter, I've mentally matched them up with so many different outfits already. I love the buckles on them too. These boots cost £18 and they were from Matalan. 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

MUA nail varnish - a pleasant surprise!

Ever since I found out about the MUA make-up brand I was keen to try their nail varnishes but for some reason I also focused my attention on their other products such as their lipsticks, blushes and amazing eye shadow palettes. Last week I popped into Superdrug to pick up some stuff and decided to finally pick up an MUA nail varnish.

I was wary about trying them because of their £1 price, I thought they wouldn't be good. However I had no reason to be wary, the nail varnish is amazing just like MUA's other £1 products (lipsticks, blusher, etc) that I've tried.

You may notice that the MUA symbol on the bottle is bent- -it's a sticker!

This nail varnish is a lovely shade of green, it could be classed as mint green although I feel that it's a little darker. I think this nail varnish is "05", I've been struggling to read the numbers on the bottom of the bottle.

The price tag is not the only reason I love this nail varnish. I tested this nail varnish before I decided to do this little post and found that it is definitely chip resistant. It didn't chip at all for the three days I wore it.. without a top cover/protector varnish. I'm very impressed!

This nail varnish is also easy to apply, it's not gloopy or sticky, it is the perfect consistency to paint onto nails neatly. Like all my other nail varnishes, I prefer to use two coats but you can use one coat of this varnish to get a fairly thick coverage on your nails.

As you may have guessed, this nail varnish has amazed me, I can't fault it! I recommend giving this nail varnish a try. You can find these nail varnishes in Superdrug or on the MUA website. Priced at £1, you won't lose much if you don't like the nail varnish. I'm so excited to try more of their nail varnishes.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blackpool, Whitby and Winscar Reserviour with my grandparents!

 I've mentioned it in at least three posts now but I recently spent a week in Sheffield. I stayed with my grandparents who live there. I used to live in Sheffield when I was little, I was actually born there, but we moved out of England to Wales when I was 14 so I always miss them and it's nice to spend time with them.

I didn't spend the whole week in Sheffield. We had three nice days out. I thought I'd just do a little post about these days. This will be a picture heavy post - sorry!!!

Our first day out was at Blackpool. People have mixed views about Blackpool, some people love it and some hate the place (my mother!). Personally I like it there although some things are slightly overpriced.

Firstly we stopped off at a cafe after a long journey, we had lunch and drinks. I loved the hot chocolate at this cafe.

After we went to the cafe' we went up the Blackpool Tower, I'm with my grandad in the picture above.

We didn't go on the beach because it was too crowded but we sat on the promenade for a bit, my grandparents really liked the cool sea breeze. 

We spent the rest of our day on rides (well not my grandma) and had fish and chips but I didn't photograph any of it, oops! I enjoyed Blackpool though.
The next day we went to Whitby. I really do LOVE Whitby. It's full of history, I love the little sea front shops, the beach is great and the fish and chips there are delicious (world famous!).

My grandad at Whitby harbour.
I love Mr Whippy ice cream!
My grandad on our boat ride. 
Me and my grandma on the boat ride. 
View of Whitby beach from the boat. 
Whitby Abbey.
My grandad on the beach.
Me and my grandad on the pier!
Pirate ship!!

We had another random day out but this time at a reserviour in Sheffield because we were fed up of travelling.

I love this picture of my grandparents, I've now framed it. 
My and my grandma at the reserviour.
A greedy goose that I fed! 
The reserviour.
My lovely grandma.
Cute little rhyme on the bench.
View from the road.
So yeah, this picture post basically sums up our three days out. I visited family, did some shopping and went for meals too. I miss my grandparents a lot now! I hope you all like this post! Sorry about the lack of blogging, I've been pretty busy, I need to do an update post.
 Thank-you for reading xx