Wednesday, 26 September 2012

A mixed review - Lush Shower Jelly

I love showers, especially when I use my very fast one. I never have baths. I was intrigued when I found out about the Lush shower jelly from other Bloggers, definitely different from shower gel. Due to curiosity, I bought "Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly".

I have mixed feelings about this product because I personally think it has a mixture of advantages and disadvantages. Here is my opinion -

  • Like most Lush products it smells gorgeous (in the pot). It smells like actual sweets, it reminds me of a medicine I used to have as a child, possibly Calpol. I just love sniffing it. 
  • It's a fun product. I seriously had a funny shower trying to use this shower. It is like jelly, it wobbled out of my hand and it was amusing trying to keep hold of it. 
  • It isn't too pricey. My little but generously sized pot cost £3.10.
  • It's hard to use. It does wobble and as your in the shower you do get wet. It pretty hard to cling onto a slippery piece of jelly AND scrub it all over your body properly. 
  • The only part of my body that smelt nice after my shower were my hands which had spent most of the shower clinging onto the jelly. I expected to smell a bit "sweety" due to the way the product smells - I didn't at all. I was really disappointed. 
  • It's time consuming. I really wouldn't recommend using it if you're in a rush. 

My camera didn't like this product - I'm sorry this picture is over exposed. 
I will be doing a bit research to find out if there is an easier way to use the product. I think I may also use a bit more of the jelly next time.  However I do not think I will be repurchasing this product. I love Lush and I kind of like the product but I don't think it's worth the hassle and I like to smell nice after my showers!

Have any of you used this product? What was your opinion? xx

P.S I love Lush. I'm sorry if I sound negative, I know my "disadvantages" were. I just want to give you all my honest opinion.


  1. This was a really good honest review! :D I used this shower jelly a few years ago and I remember I had the same problem that when I was using it I found I was wasting a lot of it from it slipping out of my hands in the shower :(
    The lush shower gels leave a really nice smell of your skin this is one of my fave's :D x

    1. Yeah it is really annoying!! I need to try their actual shower gels :) x

  2. I tried to use my shower jelly last night, after giving up on it about 6 months ago & it is rediculous how difficult it is to use- think i'm going to have to give up on it again, there has to be an easier way to use it!! poppy xx

    1. It is ridiculous, I've given up too. I prefer shower gel! xx

  3. I had the same problem as you but I found that if you break of a bit then put it on a loofah (those puffy shower/bath/cleaning thingys) then its so much easier to use and lathered really wel for me xx

    1. Okay thank-you, I shall give it a try :) xx

  4. Ahah I'm not the only one who had problems trying to have a shower with this XD

    A loser like me