Saturday, 1 September 2012

MUA nail varnish - a pleasant surprise!

Ever since I found out about the MUA make-up brand I was keen to try their nail varnishes but for some reason I also focused my attention on their other products such as their lipsticks, blushes and amazing eye shadow palettes. Last week I popped into Superdrug to pick up some stuff and decided to finally pick up an MUA nail varnish.

I was wary about trying them because of their £1 price, I thought they wouldn't be good. However I had no reason to be wary, the nail varnish is amazing just like MUA's other £1 products (lipsticks, blusher, etc) that I've tried.

You may notice that the MUA symbol on the bottle is bent- -it's a sticker!

This nail varnish is a lovely shade of green, it could be classed as mint green although I feel that it's a little darker. I think this nail varnish is "05", I've been struggling to read the numbers on the bottom of the bottle.

The price tag is not the only reason I love this nail varnish. I tested this nail varnish before I decided to do this little post and found that it is definitely chip resistant. It didn't chip at all for the three days I wore it.. without a top cover/protector varnish. I'm very impressed!

This nail varnish is also easy to apply, it's not gloopy or sticky, it is the perfect consistency to paint onto nails neatly. Like all my other nail varnishes, I prefer to use two coats but you can use one coat of this varnish to get a fairly thick coverage on your nails.

As you may have guessed, this nail varnish has amazed me, I can't fault it! I recommend giving this nail varnish a try. You can find these nail varnishes in Superdrug or on the MUA website. Priced at £1, you won't lose much if you don't like the nail varnish. I'm so excited to try more of their nail varnishes.


  1. I love these nail varnishes! I own plenty hehe, they are soo good for a bargain price! xx

    1. I really like mine, I can't wait to get more! :) xx

  2. I have to try them out! I really like the colour.
    Great blog! I'm a new follower =)

    1. Yes you definitely should. It's a lovely colour! Thank-you! :) x

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  4. Suuuch a gorgeous colour! Amazing find.

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  5. beautiful color :) I'm following you now :)