Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blackpool, Whitby and Winscar Reserviour with my grandparents!

 I've mentioned it in at least three posts now but I recently spent a week in Sheffield. I stayed with my grandparents who live there. I used to live in Sheffield when I was little, I was actually born there, but we moved out of England to Wales when I was 14 so I always miss them and it's nice to spend time with them.

I didn't spend the whole week in Sheffield. We had three nice days out. I thought I'd just do a little post about these days. This will be a picture heavy post - sorry!!!

Our first day out was at Blackpool. People have mixed views about Blackpool, some people love it and some hate the place (my mother!). Personally I like it there although some things are slightly overpriced.

Firstly we stopped off at a cafe after a long journey, we had lunch and drinks. I loved the hot chocolate at this cafe.

After we went to the cafe' we went up the Blackpool Tower, I'm with my grandad in the picture above.

We didn't go on the beach because it was too crowded but we sat on the promenade for a bit, my grandparents really liked the cool sea breeze. 

We spent the rest of our day on rides (well not my grandma) and had fish and chips but I didn't photograph any of it, oops! I enjoyed Blackpool though.
The next day we went to Whitby. I really do LOVE Whitby. It's full of history, I love the little sea front shops, the beach is great and the fish and chips there are delicious (world famous!).

My grandad at Whitby harbour.
I love Mr Whippy ice cream!
My grandad on our boat ride. 
Me and my grandma on the boat ride. 
View of Whitby beach from the boat. 
Whitby Abbey.
My grandad on the beach.
Me and my grandad on the pier!
Pirate ship!!

We had another random day out but this time at a reserviour in Sheffield because we were fed up of travelling.

I love this picture of my grandparents, I've now framed it. 
My and my grandma at the reserviour.
A greedy goose that I fed! 
The reserviour.
My lovely grandma.
Cute little rhyme on the bench.
View from the road.
So yeah, this picture post basically sums up our three days out. I visited family, did some shopping and went for meals too. I miss my grandparents a lot now! I hope you all like this post! Sorry about the lack of blogging, I've been pretty busy, I need to do an update post.
 Thank-you for reading xx


  1. Great photographs! I've only been to Blackpool once years and years ago when I was really young just to see the lights.

    1. Thank-you! Aw I went when I was little too, I don't think I saw the lights though!

  2. these pics are gorgeous!! looks fun. just found your blog, it's brill, i have a new post up if you want to take a look!

    your new follower, eimear x

    1. Thank-you! :) Yes I'll have a look, thank-you! x

  3. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  4. Thank you very much for your congratulations!

    Love Roza

  5. Lovely pictures :) take me with you next time :D ;) x

  6. I don't live that far away from blackpool and I love visiting. The main centre can be quite cheesy but I think that makes it what it is. It looks like you went to some nice bits though, I especially like the sign about wobbly legs hehe xxx

    1. Yeah I agree! Not all of it is in Blackpool and the bench about wobbly legs was in Sheffield :) xxx