Thursday, 2 August 2012

Early Birthday Celebrations.

I'm so surprised I've had the time to post two days in a row even though this is a short, picture filled post. i'm definitely completing one of my '7 things for a month' goals! (Post about that here.)

It isn't my 18th birthday until Saturday but yesterday I started celebrating. I went to the Oriental Garden with friends from St John Ambulance. It's an 'all you can eat' buffet so we enjoyed quite a few plates of food and had a good chat. Towards the end of the meal my friends surprised me with a cake, presents and a card. It was absolutely lovely! I was a little embarrassed when they sand Happy Birthday because everybody STARED at me but oh well!
Everyone had a lovely night including myself! I went with the man who runs my St John Ambulance class, my mother who is also a member then three friends from our class called Sian, Lucy and Amy. They're all lovely including my wonderful mother!  Here's some pictures:

Me and my friend Lucy.

My delicious chocolate cake.

Blowing out my candle!

Opening my surprise present!

Everyone who came! L-R Bottom Row - My mum, Sian, Amy.
L-R Top Row- Lucy, Me and Andrew.

I'm wearing a dress I bought in the New Look Christmas sale. It's made of silk and I love it. I feel so comfortable in it and I love the floral pattern. I hope you all enjoyed this little post. I probably will put up a few birthday related posts next week as in two days it's my actual birthday. I hope you all have a good weekend, thank-you for reading! xx


  1. Hope you have a lovely birthday tomorrow! I'm an August baby too, it's so frustrating watching all your friends turn 18 before you! Mine's not until the 31st -.- xx

    1. Thank-you! :) Aw I know the feeling, most of mine are 18 already! -.- xx

  2. Happy bday! Nice photos!