Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Blackpool, Whitby and Winscar Reserviour with my grandparents!

 I've mentioned it in at least three posts now but I recently spent a week in Sheffield. I stayed with my grandparents who live there. I used to live in Sheffield when I was little, I was actually born there, but we moved out of England to Wales when I was 14 so I always miss them and it's nice to spend time with them.

I didn't spend the whole week in Sheffield. We had three nice days out. I thought I'd just do a little post about these days. This will be a picture heavy post - sorry!!!

Our first day out was at Blackpool. People have mixed views about Blackpool, some people love it and some hate the place (my mother!). Personally I like it there although some things are slightly overpriced.

Firstly we stopped off at a cafe after a long journey, we had lunch and drinks. I loved the hot chocolate at this cafe.

After we went to the cafe' we went up the Blackpool Tower, I'm with my grandad in the picture above.

We didn't go on the beach because it was too crowded but we sat on the promenade for a bit, my grandparents really liked the cool sea breeze. 

We spent the rest of our day on rides (well not my grandma) and had fish and chips but I didn't photograph any of it, oops! I enjoyed Blackpool though.
The next day we went to Whitby. I really do LOVE Whitby. It's full of history, I love the little sea front shops, the beach is great and the fish and chips there are delicious (world famous!).

My grandad at Whitby harbour.
I love Mr Whippy ice cream!
My grandad on our boat ride. 
Me and my grandma on the boat ride. 
View of Whitby beach from the boat. 
Whitby Abbey.
My grandad on the beach.
Me and my grandad on the pier!
Pirate ship!!

We had another random day out but this time at a reserviour in Sheffield because we were fed up of travelling.

I love this picture of my grandparents, I've now framed it. 
My and my grandma at the reserviour.
A greedy goose that I fed! 
The reserviour.
My lovely grandma.
Cute little rhyme on the bench.
View from the road.
So yeah, this picture post basically sums up our three days out. I visited family, did some shopping and went for meals too. I miss my grandparents a lot now! I hope you all like this post! Sorry about the lack of blogging, I've been pretty busy, I need to do an update post.
 Thank-you for reading xx

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Sheffield Haul.

I've mentioned it in previous posts but I spent last week in Sheffield. Whilst I was there I spent far too much of my birthday money! I though I'd show you all what I bought-

Dress- I got this dress from Primark, it was reduced from £15 to £7. There is a little black belt which came with it but I've worn the dress so it is currently missing!
Cardigan- I bought the cardigan for £6 from Primark, it's a lovely shade of purple. I really like it and I'll wear it a lot in winter!

Above, you can see a close up of the floral pattern on the dress and the shade of purple of the cardigan. I really like both.

Jacket- I love this jacket, I think it's kind of mint green. It cost £12 from Primark. It's really warm and baggy.

Shirt- I'm not sure how much the vest top was, my receipt is really difficult to understand. I think it was around £3-£5. It's slightly sheer but I love the pattern!

I adore the pattern on this shirt. I think that the little planets/spaceships are cute. 

Jeans- These skinny jeans were £11 from Primark, I've wanted a grey jeans for a while. These were perfect.

Tights- The burgundy tights were £3.50 from Primark. They are a lovely colour and they'll go nicely with so many of my dresses in Winter. 

Above is a closer/better picture of them both, I hope the tights are "super cosy"!!!

Make-up bag- I bought the make-up bag in the top pictures for £3.50 from Primark. It's generously sized and has a lovely floral pattern on it. I'll be able to put all of my everyday make-up into it easily.

Shower jelly- I bought Sweetie Pie shower jelly from Lush because it smelt lovely and looked interesting. It is literally jelly but it sounds easy to use. I'll review it! It cost around £3.50.

Charity pot- I also bought their charity pot. It smells .. DISGUSTING. It's a hand and body lotion that cost £1.  Despite the smell I bought it for charity. It's probably a good product.

Make-up brush- I bought the make-up brush for £2.99 from Superdrug. I initially bought it to use for my powder but I think it is a better blush brush. It isn't a specific type of brush and it isn't branded. 

Candle- The Spring Blossom scented candle was £1.00 from Primark. I haven't tried their candles before and it smells nice so I thought I'd give it a try.

BarryM nail varnish- The nail varnish was £2.99 from Boots. The picture makes the nail varnish look really dark, it isn't. It's a great shade of green.

Mac lipstick- I bought my first Mac lipstick. Wooooo! It's in the shade "Russian Red". It was £14 from Debenhams. A girl who helped me pick it was lovely, the shade apparently suits my skin tone.

MUA blush- I bought this peachy MUA blush from Superdrug for £1. I love MUA products!

Studs- The studs were £1.50 from Primark. There are 9 pairs. I think they're all really cute.

Necklace and Earrings- The necklace cost £2.00 from Primark, it matches the earrings which were £2.50. I like the shapes of both and the cute bronze/gold "studs" embedded in them. 

I hope you all like this post. I've been shopping again recently so I'll post another haul soon.

I'd also like to wish Good Luck to anyone getting their As/A level results tomorrow. I'm so nervous, I should be in bed sleeping right now!

Thank-you for reading! xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My 18th birthday!

Hi everyone, yesterday I celebrated my 18th birthday, I had an amazing day. I spent my birthday morning opening my cards and presents then getting ready. I got spoilt, I'm so grateful to my family and two of my friends Abbie and Ryan! I then celebrated with friends, I went bowling then for a meal at Frankie and Bennys which is my favourite restaurant.

Hana, Abbie and myself. 
Me and Abbie.
Myself, excited to be 18!
Bowling! I hated those ugly shoes.

Everyone who came, had a great afternoon with them all!
I then decided to spend my birthday evening with my family. Turning 18 in the United Kingdom is a special birthday because your legal rights change. I can now buy alcohol, buy a house, get married and do lots of other stuff. I wanted to include my family in my celebration's because they're just as important as friends, possibly more important. We went for a meal to Frankie and Bennys, my second meal there (I said it was my favourite restaurant!) to celebrate. My parents, grandparents, siblings, aunty and cousins came. I had a lovely night with them all!
Myself and my grandmother, I called her "gan-gan".
My mum and myself.
Myself  and my little cousin Maya!

It was an absolutely great birthday because I got to spend it with  so many people I love! I'm travelling tomorrow to my grandparents house to stay for a week but I'll post as much as possible this week. I hope you've all had a good weekend. Thank-you for reading! xx

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Early Birthday Celebrations.

I'm so surprised I've had the time to post two days in a row even though this is a short, picture filled post. i'm definitely completing one of my '7 things for a month' goals! (Post about that here.)

It isn't my 18th birthday until Saturday but yesterday I started celebrating. I went to the Oriental Garden with friends from St John Ambulance. It's an 'all you can eat' buffet so we enjoyed quite a few plates of food and had a good chat. Towards the end of the meal my friends surprised me with a cake, presents and a card. It was absolutely lovely! I was a little embarrassed when they sand Happy Birthday because everybody STARED at me but oh well!
Everyone had a lovely night including myself! I went with the man who runs my St John Ambulance class, my mother who is also a member then three friends from our class called Sian, Lucy and Amy. They're all lovely including my wonderful mother!  Here's some pictures:

Me and my friend Lucy.

My delicious chocolate cake.

Blowing out my candle!

Opening my surprise present!

Everyone who came! L-R Bottom Row - My mum, Sian, Amy.
L-R Top Row- Lucy, Me and Andrew.

I'm wearing a dress I bought in the New Look Christmas sale. It's made of silk and I love it. I feel so comfortable in it and I love the floral pattern. I hope you all enjoyed this little post. I probably will put up a few birthday related posts next week as in two days it's my actual birthday. I hope you all have a good weekend, thank-you for reading! xx

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

July Favourites!

Hi everyone! I'm really sorry this post is a day late. I meant to do it on time but the last few days have been hectic. I've been watching the Olympic's, sorting out my room, preparing for my 18th birthday and doing some early birthday celebrating.

These are all products that I've enjoyed this month and used regularly. I'm really happy I own them all!

ELIVE shampoo and conditioner- I had always wanted to try this brand of hair products before I bought them. I bought them because they were on offer for around £1.25 I think in Superdrug. They're no longer on offer though!
I've really enjoyed using both of these products. They fulfilled their promise to me and made my hair glossy!! Both products have made my hair soft, shiny and smooth! They're great! Whenever I wash my hair I don't feel like it even needs washing but I like to feel clean. I love the products and will definitely be repurchasing them.

MUA eyeshadow palette- I have done a review of this palette which you can find here but I've used it a lot more this month. The sparkly eye shadows make my eyes look great and all of the eye shadow's are long lasting. I haven't really tried none of the non-sparkly shades except the pink which was really nice too! This was £4 from Superdrug.

No7 nail varnish "Hot To Trot"- This is the first No7 nail varnish I've tried and it really impressed me. I loved that it was easy to apply and it is long lasting. This nail varnish is a beautiful shade of gold which looked lovely and looked professional. This nail varnish is £7 and you can find it in Boots! 

Barry M nail varnish "Pink Silver"- This is my favourite glitter nail varnish at the moment. It's a pretty shade of pink and it's sparkly. I only needed to use one or two coats although I did apply a base coat. It is glittery but it isn't over the top which is just right for me. It's perfect for night's out and summer. It cost £2.99 and the nail varnish brand is avaliable in Boot's and Superdrug.

Rescue Oil- I'm not going to go in to too much detail with this product as I am planning to review it, it seriously deserves it's own post! However it's been helping with my stretch marks A LOT. And it's a bargain at £1. I'll tell you all more in a post soon but I seriously do recommend it!

Nivea 'milk and honey' lipbalm- In my little town in Wales the weather has turned bad.. again. It's raining, it's cold and it's windy. Summer has disappeared. I have really sensitive lips when it's cold, they chap really easily and I noticed a few days ago that they were losing their "summer softness". This lip balm has helped keep my lips soft and moisturised, I'm really pleased with it. It costs £1.99 from Superdrug.

Collection 2000 eye definer- I've tried plenty of eyeliner's but this is definitely my favourite. It applies easily and smoothly. It's also long lasting. I'm also happy its a twistable one so I don't have to sharpen it. Whenever I need to sharpen eye pencils I'm in a rush so I'm glad I no longer have to worry about that with this product. This eyeliner cost me around £2.75 and it was from Boots!

I hope you all enjoyed this post? Have any of you made any? I love reading these.
I have plenty of posts planned which I'm excited to make and put up. A few will be birthday related as it is my 18th birthday on Saturday!! I'll also be doing a review of the wonderful Rescue Oil.
                                                                Thank-you for reading! xx