Friday, 27 April 2012

A very special day! 26/04/2012

Yesterday was a very special day. The QUEEN came to my local town in Wales with her husband, Prince Phillip, as part of the queen's diamond jubilee tour. It was a very special few hours. Prince Phillip waved at me!

            Me on the left, and one of my best friend's Amy waiting for the queen with our flags!

A marching band that actually performed for the queen, an excited crowd and Cyfarthfa Castle!

                                          The Royal helicopter that HRH arrived on!

A very blurry picture of the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Another blurry picture of the queen, heading to the royal car!

The queen had a tour of the castle museum and had some entertainment in the form of a two bands, a choir and a duet from two people in my school. She met some other important people too. It was a really good after.

After I left Cyfarthfa park I went to meet my new baby cousin, Alaya!

A sleepy baby :')

All 3 of my beautiful little cousins!

As you can see, yersterday was a very special day for me. I saw the queen and met my new cousin.
Now Im packing for a holiday to Centre Parcs. I'll be back blogging tuesday. I hope everyone has a good weekend! xx

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My absence.

I thought I should explain why I have not been blogging regularly.
I have 5 awful exams next month which I have been revising for like a crazy woman. My teachers also decided to give me some coursework back to improve, thanks for the extra stress!
This is why I havent found the time to blog. Im so stressed out right now so I am trying my hardest to focus on my revision and coursework.
However on the weekend I will be ditching the revision for a little holiday to Centre Parcs with a large amount of my family, very excited! :)
Plase do not think that I have abandoned my blog, I havent. I check it everyday.
I have lots of posts lined up so please look  out for them! I'll try to do a proper blog post before my holiday.

Call me childish but this is a picture of what I feel like doing when I revise. Its actually was taken when I was doing english coursework but I found it amusing -

I apologise for the boring post. Thankyou for reading anyway. Good luck to anyone who has exams over the next few months :)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A new and improved bedroom wishlist.

I have decided that I am going to live at home for university. This means I will definitely be living at home for the next 4 years, possibly and probably longer.
I did a similar post in febuary. I picked out some lovely things but looking back at the post, the things I was planning to buy were a bit random and Ive changed my mind about what I want.
Everything I want to buy so far are from Matalan. I popped onto the website one day for a little look at their homeware section because I am planning to change my room (alot) and found the perfect selection of things that I adore.

I have decided that I am going to order all of these things after my exams as a nice treat for all the tiring revision and hopefully hard work. Maybe I'll do a little room tour then with my camera or I might wait until I get white furniture. Thats another thing, I have two summer jobs! So Im hoping to buy white furniture!

Here are the items -

1. Bedset - £15 (For double)
2. Set of boxes - £15 - They were in another post but still havent been purchased :(
3. Vase - £4 - I shall be putting some fake flowers in it.

4. Paris Cushion - £8
5. Throw - £20
6. Butterfly Cushion - £10
7. Lidded Pot - £5

8. Vintage wall candle holder - £10
9. Vintage hanging candle holder - £8
Two of my favourite items!
I really think all of these items will make my room look lovely. As you can see Im going for a lilac/white theme!
It really is worth checking out the Matalan homeware section on their website or visiting a store because they have some amazing items for sale that are affordable. The 'Vintage' section on the website is full of cute things.
Thankyou for reading xx

Friday, 13 April 2012


I recently purchased this glittery Rimmel London nail varnish in the shade '500 disco ball' from Superdrug for around £3/£4. It really is a bargain!

I dont know what I expected from it. I had a feeling it wouldnt be good but it really is! I love it.
I dont think the nails are "summery" but I live in Wales and It hasnt felt like summer recently. Its been raining frequently this week so my nails brightened up my day!

It has covered my nails really well and it isnt messy when applying. The nail varnish is a mixture of blue, pinky/purple and silver sparkles which are really cute. My nails are now really glittery! I let my two year old brother paint my thumb, he got it everywhere but found it really amusing!
I used this nail varnish a few weeks ago and I recieved plenty of compliments and questions about the nail varish. This is why I thought I would show you my nails and do a little review.
Firstly I applied two layers of a plain nail varnish. I also did two coats of the glittery nail varnish, one coat of the nail varnish did not satisfy me! However two coats did and Im really happy with them. Lastly, I applied a top coat to try and help my nails stay perfect and glittery for as long as possible.

The pinky/purple sparkles cannot be seen in these pictures, just the blue, but they are there!
The only flaw I would say it has it that it takes too long to dry. Im really not patient so that annoys me but oh well. It probably took ages to dry because I applied two thick coats.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this little post. What are your thoughts on glittery nails? Have you tried this Rimmel London nail varnish? Thankyou for reading xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Spring/Summer Wishlist

Today in the usual wet, windy Wales it has been sunny. Still cold, but sunny! This has got me very excited for summer. I went out, enjoyed the sunshine and had a really nice day. I donated blood for the first time, it wasnt a bad experience and Im planning to do it again! Anyway Im home and babysitting so I have found a few things I'd love to buy for this summer which I thought I'd show you all!

1. New Look - £19.99
2. Republic - £25.00
3. River Island - £30.00
4. Forever 21 - £3.90

5. Boohoo - £20.00
6. Boohoo - £14.00
7. Boohoo - £20.00

8. Forever 21 - £16.75
9. Tesco - £10.00
10. H&M - £19.99

As you can see I love floral dresses, I do for any season. The black shoes (number 10) arent summery at all but they are something Im after for nights out!
Thankyou for reading xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012

How to clean your make-up brushes tutorial!

Cleaning your make-up brushes regulary is important. Cleaning your brushes helps keep your bruhes soft and it helps remove:
  • Old make-up
  • Dirt and debris
  • Bacteria
  • Oils
  • Dead skin cells
If you have spots or sensitive skin then cleaning your make-up bruhes will help. Clean brushes will help with spots and soft brushes be kind to sensitive skin!

I never really knew about washing my make-up brushes until I watched a tutorial and researched online. I thought it would be a good idea to share my newly found knowledge with you all! So here is my make-up brush cleaning tutorial!

Firstly, rinse your brush under a tap -

Secondly, squirt a blob of shampoo onto your hand. I think I squirted out a bit too much! -

Thirdly, rub your brush in the shampoo. Make sure you cover the whole brush! -

Your brush should then look something like this-

Then rinse off the shampoo-

Once you have cleaned your brush leave it somewhere to dry. I dry mine on a clean towell over my radiator  -

When I wash my brushes they tend to take around 12 hours to dry. I always wash them when I  know I won't need to use them that day or have used them already.

I hope this post has been helpful. Thankyou for reading! xx

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


A small outfit of the day! Mainly because I wanted to show you my jeans. I love them so much, they are so comfy and the colour is really nice and "soft". The best thing about the jeans is the price, they were £12 in the New Look sale! They are still on the New Look website priced at £12, such a bargain!

Anyway here is my outfit-

Top - £12/£13, New Look
Jeans - £12!! New Look
I would wear this outfit with my black lace-up boots and a black jacket if I was going out, but I'm not! I'm having a lazy day in my house :) This top is perfect for spring!
I cropped out my head because I wasn't happy with my terrible make-up or messy hair. Sorry, I'm far too fussy!

Necklace - Primark, £2
I bought this last year so I doubt its still there although they may be selling similar necklaces.

Nail Varnish - Barry M "Peach Melba", Around £3.
                                                    A perfect colour for spring and summer!

Please ignore the terrible quality of the photos, my 8 year old sister took them!
                                                              Thank-you for reading xx