Friday, 13 April 2012


I recently purchased this glittery Rimmel London nail varnish in the shade '500 disco ball' from Superdrug for around £3/£4. It really is a bargain!

I dont know what I expected from it. I had a feeling it wouldnt be good but it really is! I love it.
I dont think the nails are "summery" but I live in Wales and It hasnt felt like summer recently. Its been raining frequently this week so my nails brightened up my day!

It has covered my nails really well and it isnt messy when applying. The nail varnish is a mixture of blue, pinky/purple and silver sparkles which are really cute. My nails are now really glittery! I let my two year old brother paint my thumb, he got it everywhere but found it really amusing!
I used this nail varnish a few weeks ago and I recieved plenty of compliments and questions about the nail varish. This is why I thought I would show you my nails and do a little review.
Firstly I applied two layers of a plain nail varnish. I also did two coats of the glittery nail varnish, one coat of the nail varnish did not satisfy me! However two coats did and Im really happy with them. Lastly, I applied a top coat to try and help my nails stay perfect and glittery for as long as possible.

The pinky/purple sparkles cannot be seen in these pictures, just the blue, but they are there!
The only flaw I would say it has it that it takes too long to dry. Im really not patient so that annoys me but oh well. It probably took ages to dry because I applied two thick coats.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this little post. What are your thoughts on glittery nails? Have you tried this Rimmel London nail varnish? Thankyou for reading xx


  1. I've been looking for a nice glitter polish, will definitely trying this out, thanks!

    1. Yes its really good, give it a try :)

  2. Love it! Will definitely check this out!:-)

  3. hat glitter looks great!!!!

  4. Lovely combination!
    Yes the US and UK should really collaborate more, I know we have some Boots products at Target now which is nice

    1. Yeah I'd love a Target, maybe they will collaborate more in the not too distant future :)