Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 Things For A Month!

Last month I made this post about goals I wanted to achieve throughout July. I achieved most of my goals but I still haven't shopped at all for my 100 follower giveaway as I'm not 100% certain whether I still want to do one. I also still need a haircut! I'm proud that I completed 5 goals though.

The 7 things for a month was a tag created by Louise from Sprinkleofglitter, My favourite Youtuber and Blogger! She made this tag to motivate herself to achieve her goals and encouraged other people do the tag too. It's is motivational so I'm grateful to her for letting her reader's get involved too! You can find Louise's post which explains about the tag here. If you decide to do the tag please link it back to her as she created it!

These are goals which I want to achieve throughout August. I have the whole month off from school so I'll have plenty of time to complete my goals. I don't know why goal 1 and 2 are in white writing, if anybody knows please help!!
  1. Blog more - I feel like I don't blog enough, I'm either busy or lazy.I have so many posts planned which I'd really like to do so I am annoyed at myself. My goal is to post at least 4 times a week.  My blog isn't going to focused on one thing either, I want to do a variety of posts! I'd love to do more outfit posts as I enjoy reading these, it's just difficult to find a photographer!
  2. Spend time with all my grandparents - All of my grandparents live in England and I live in Wales. I miss all of them constantly and I know that they miss me and my siblings too. I'm going to stay with my mother's parents in just under two weeks in Sheffield for a week. I will also see my father's father and his partner when I'm there. I need to arrange to see my father's mother though!
  3. Start my university application - I need to decide which universities I want to apply too (I can apply to five) and start writing my personal statement over these next few weeks which is a big part of the application. I'm going to apply for Adult Nursing, I love caring for people and I think I'd enjoy the job. I went to hospital for work experience and helped  nurses which helped me finalise my career choice!
  4. Spoil my rabbit - I told you all about my rabbit in this post. We have only had him a few days, I want to get him a few toys and treats to keep him happy and  entertained. I feel sorry for him when we are out. We also need to get him a run for the garden so we can let him run around outside safely. Our street is full of cats who'd love to murder our little bunny!
  5. Photography - I want to more photography over summer. I do an evening A-level photography course but I don't want all my photography to be for that. I still want to enjoy photography as a hobby. I'll be going to lot's of beautiful places in summer so I'll have plenty of things to photograph! Maybe I'll show you in a post?
  6. Read more - I think I've mentioned this before in a post but oh well! I really want to read more, I don't feel that I do read enough anymore. I love reading and I need to spend more time with my books. I've asked for some for my birthday so hopefully I'll have lots to read!
  7. Start working - My dad has found me a summer job. I need to travel Cardiff, the capital of Wales, to sign up for it and register with the company that will pay me. I should have done this a week or two ago but I've been far too busy. Once I start my job it'll me nice to have more money to enjoy my summer and do lots of things. New clothes would be nice too!

    I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you do decide to get involved link me yours posts because I'd love to read them! I enjoy reading Louise's and a few of the other post's I've seen.

    I mentioned above  that I'm going to stay in Sheffield for a week with my grandparents. It'll be difficult for me to post, I'll be spending two days travelling and a lot of time with my family. Would anyone be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? It'd really help me out! I'd be happy to do a guest post for you too. It can be on any topic you'd like to write about, I really don't mind. I'm looking for 2 or 3 guest posts which I'd like to post on my busy days this summer and when I'm staying with my grandparents. If you are interested please email me at to discuss it!

    Thank-you for reading! xx

Monday, 23 July 2012

A perfect day!

Today I felt like doing a chatty, boring life post! Although I haven't taken many pictures. I've really had a lovely day. I feel like so much has happened which I'd like to document here, on my blog.

Firstly the weather.. it was boiling hot! I live in a town in Wales. We never get sunshine. But I don't think most of Britain has had proper sunshine for ages so our summer has kind of started this weekend! The weather has been beautiful.

I started off my day by donating blood for the second time. It's something I highly recommend you do if you can. I don't think it hurts but that's me personally. I do hate needles though. I feel so proud after I've donated because I know that I'm going to improve or possibly save a person's life. It really is a wonderful feeling.
Whenever I do donate I feel quesy and sick after. I've been fanned by nurses both times, been made to lie down, had a wet cloth on my neck and been given a sick pot thingy because they think I'm going to faint. I feel like a nuisance, I feel embarressed and I feel annoyed at myself. That wasn't fun!

I spent my afternoon with friends wandering around my town centre and eating unhealthy food. We just enjoyed the rare, sunny weather and chatted about various things. My right arm is now bright red though, I had completely forgot to put suncream on! Oops!

When I got home I met my new pet, A male, 6 month old rabbit. We haven't named him yet but I'm so excited to have him. He's gorgeous!

I posted before in this post about a rabbit I'd found. It's so nice to finally have my own.

I've finished off my day with a family meal, eating chocolate and just being lazy after a tiring day.

Sorry about all the writing, I hope this wasn't too boring. I just thought I'd tell you all about my day, I personally like these types of posts. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures though! I'll post tomorrow if I'm not too busy enjoying the sunshine. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and monday too! :) xx

Friday, 20 July 2012

My Current Favourite Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick (review)

Hello! Today I thought I would tell you all about my favourite lipstick and do a little review.
My current favourite lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 'shade 05'. It doesn't have a name!

The packaging is plain, it's just black. However I do think that the little "Kate" and the heart is cute.. or is that just me? Anyway, I don't mind the simple packaging.

I cannot decide if this lipstick is a medium or dark pink. It is medium but when you apply it and build it up, it's a dark dark shade of pink!
I adore this lipstick. It applies smoothly and it is really soft. In a way, it kind of moisturises my lips. My lips never feel "rough" after wearing it. This is something I've experienced with other lipsticks because my lips are sensitive. This lipstick feels very similar to a lip balm when applying but it is long lasting. I do top it up  throughout the day when I wear it but it does last for a few hours.
It is the perfect lipstick for day and night. I've worn this in the day and it has looked lovely, I'm very pale so I think that it brighten's up my face! It would also look great if you had a tan, which I never do. This lipstick is also perfect for night's out. It's bright and bold when you build it up!

This is a swatch of the lipstick! I've moaned about it before and I'm about to moan about it again - I am never satisfied with my swatch pictures. My flash has made the lipstick look bright than it actually is but if I'd turned my flash off the picture would have looked worse.

I bought the lipstick at the introductory price of around £3.49 from Superdrug. Unfortunately the lipstick is now fully priced at £5.49. I will be definitely repurchasing it though and I'd love to try a few of the other shades. I highly recommend this lipstick!

Speaking of Superdrug, they are currently offering free delivery from today until Monday. I don't know if Superdrug is out of the UK but I thought I'd tell any of my readers from the UK!

Would any of you consider trying this lipstick? Have any of you tried this lipstick brand? Let me know!

Thank-you for reading! xx

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Another Haul!

This is definitely going to be my last haul for a while, I'm not spending anymore money on clothes, shoes,
make-up and especially nail varnish, for a very long time!
I went shopping last weekend and bought some new things because I felt that I needed some retail therapy. It was fun to go shopping with two different friends, on different days. Here's what I bought -

  • Radox Moisturise Shower Cream- This was £1 from Boots, I think it's currently on offer.
  • The Natural Collection nail varnish- This is £1.99 and I got it from Boots. You can buy 3 things for £5.00 from the Natural Collection in Boots! This is in the shade "Shimmer Pink".
  • Two Barry M nail varnishes- The blue one is in the shade "Aqua Glitter" and the shiny purple one is in the shade "Silvery Lilac". The both cost £2.99 from either Boots or Superdrug.
  • No7 nail varnish- This is priced at £7 yet I got it for £2 because Boots are currently doing the offer where you get a £5 off No7 voucher if you spend £5 in store. I'm wearing this varnish now, I really like it. I think it'll perfect for autumn and definitely around Christmas time! This nail varnish is in the shade "Hot To Trot". 

I'm going to start with the white shoes. They're pretty plain and boring but they go and will go with so many of my outfit's. These were £6.99 from Shoe Zone. They do have a few little marks on them in this picture as they had been worn and I hadn't realised when I took the picture but now they are clean and white! 

The shoes on the left were £5 from the New Look sale, I LOVE them! I haven't worn them yet but I'm happy with the pattern and price. 

Here is the pattern on the shoes. I love the mixture of colours and I think they'll be great for any time of year but especially autumn!

I've starting buying for my "new" room! Woohoo! My mum has also bought me a few things for my birthday for my room. You can find my bedroom wishlist here.. This cushion was reduced from £8 to £5 and it is from Matalan. I need to chop the silly black thing at the bottom off!
I do recommend checking their website because they are having a sale and the cushions on sale were pretty nice and cheap when I last checked. My mum has bought me a really nice one for £2! I'll show you all my room when it is finished.

I have some nice posts planned so I'll be posting on the weekend. Now I'm going to have a cup of tea then go to bed!
Thank-you for reading! xx

P.s - I now also have Pinterest. I've not used it much yet as I've been pretty busy but you can find me Pinterest page here if you're interested. :)

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pictures from the past week!

Hello everyone, I thought I'd share a few pictures with you all of things I've done over the past week. I see these posts a lot yet I've never done one. I thought I would today because it's been a pretty good week!

Me and Hana did a charity walk last Sunday - I baked some delicious chocolate cakes earlier.

My lunch yesterday, KFC snack box! - Love my new Paris cushion - I took my cousin Indiana to the park - Recent purchases, I'll be doing a haul this week!

Abbie and I treated ourselves to drinks at Costa Coffee  - My hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows.

I have really enjoyed the past week, it's been fun! I hope you've all had a great week/weekend too! xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Simple Chocolate Chip Cupcake Recipe!

Last weekend I spent around an hour and a half making cupcakes with my little brother, the recipe was so simple so I thought I'd take some shots of our baking just in case the recipe worked out well.. it worked out well! They were delicious!!
I thought I'd tell you all the recipe with some step by step pictures. It is a British recipe so everything is measured in grams, I'm sorry if this causes complications if you decide to give the recipe a try!

What you'll need-

  • Self raising flour - 100 grams.
  • Caster sugar - 100 grams.
  • Butter - 100 grams.
  • Baking cases! I used 12 for this recipe.
  • 2 eggs.
  • Chocolate chips - 50 grams.
You'll also need a equipment such as a large mixing bowling, a spoon, weighing scales and an .. oven! I can't remember what I used exactly.

1. Start off by mixing together the butter and sugar until the butter has softened and you have combined the two ingredients together. 

2. In a separate bowl, whisk together the two eggs using a folk. My little brother has a go at doing this, hence the little thumb to the bottom right of the picture below.

3. Add your runny egg yolks to the cake mixture then stir!

4. Next, add the flour and give it a reallyyyyyy good stir! I hate stirring flour, I think it's a bit tough. I also don't understand why this writing is white. If anyone know please tell me but ignore it!

5. After stirring the flour into the mixture, chuck in the chocolate chips!!! Once your cake mixture looks like below, it's ready to be put into the cake cases!

6. Evenly put the mixture into the 12 cake cases. This can be messy but I find it easier to use two spoons to put the mixture into the buns but that's my personal preference. 

7. Now you need to put cakes in the oven heated at around 200 degrees. I have a fan oven so I don't have to preheat it. You should bake the cakes for 10-12 minutes or until they are golden brown. 

8. My cakes were a little bit too golden brown! A phone call distracted me from the oven. You should leave cakes to cool for 10 minutes before you decorate them which is what I did. I decorated my cakes with white icing and 'caramel nibbles', these are basically chocolate buttons with caramel inside. 

There was 12 but 3 were robbed straight away! I may be rubbish at decorating cakes but I highly recommend giving this recipe a try. They were so easy to make yet so yummy!

I hope you liked my little baking "tutorial", let me know if you did and let me know if you do give this recipe a try. Should I do more? Did you enjoy it?

Thank-you for reading! xx

Sunday, 1 July 2012

"Dusk til Dawn" MUA eye shadow palette review

Hello, I'd like to apologize for two things. 
Firstly I'm sorry I haven't been blogging properly over the last week. I started back at school after a month off last week and I've been really busy since. I did spend quite a bit of time yesterday taking pictures for upcoming posts then editing them so I didn't post because of that. I did a remembrance walk today for a girl in my school who unfortunately died a few weeks ago, this is why I'm posting so late. 
Secondly I HATE my flash. It messes up all my photos, especially when I'm taking pictures of shiny, reflective objects. Please ignore it! 

The "Dusk til Dawn" palette cost £4 from Superdrug. I adore it for a variety of different reasons. 

£4 for 12, good quality eye shadows is a bargain. If you like drugstore make-up or experimenting its worth buying this! 
I love the eye shadow shades. Each colour is different and I will definitely use each one - This is one of the main reasons why I bought the palette. I think that the palette contains shades that are perfect for each season and occasion. I'll wear the light pinks and blue throughout summer. I'll wear the golden eye shadow around Christmas (5 months and 25 days to go!). I'll wear the purples and greys during winter. I'll wear the sparkly shades on nights out! Very helpful!

The eye shadows apply really well. I've only used three shades so far which were light, for school! I had to build these up if I wanted a noticeable colour but for a natural look (when I wanted one) they were perfect.

There are two things I don't like about the palette. Firstly I don't like the brush or whatever you call an eye shadow applicator. I don't know why but I don't. It's bearable though although I think I'll swap to another when I find some eye shadow brushes/applicators that I already own.

Secondly the case was scratched. This annoyed me because I like my new things to look actually look new, not damaged. I don't know if the scratches were there already or if they happened when the eye shadow palette spent an afternoon in my handbag. If you do decide to buy a palette look out for them unless you aren't fussy like me!

Overall I love the palette. I shall definitely be buying a few of the others! Have any of you tried any MUA eye shadow palettes? What did you think? Which Palette is your favourite?
Thank-you for reading! xx