Monday, 23 July 2012

A perfect day!

Today I felt like doing a chatty, boring life post! Although I haven't taken many pictures. I've really had a lovely day. I feel like so much has happened which I'd like to document here, on my blog.

Firstly the weather.. it was boiling hot! I live in a town in Wales. We never get sunshine. But I don't think most of Britain has had proper sunshine for ages so our summer has kind of started this weekend! The weather has been beautiful.

I started off my day by donating blood for the second time. It's something I highly recommend you do if you can. I don't think it hurts but that's me personally. I do hate needles though. I feel so proud after I've donated because I know that I'm going to improve or possibly save a person's life. It really is a wonderful feeling.
Whenever I do donate I feel quesy and sick after. I've been fanned by nurses both times, been made to lie down, had a wet cloth on my neck and been given a sick pot thingy because they think I'm going to faint. I feel like a nuisance, I feel embarressed and I feel annoyed at myself. That wasn't fun!

I spent my afternoon with friends wandering around my town centre and eating unhealthy food. We just enjoyed the rare, sunny weather and chatted about various things. My right arm is now bright red though, I had completely forgot to put suncream on! Oops!

When I got home I met my new pet, A male, 6 month old rabbit. We haven't named him yet but I'm so excited to have him. He's gorgeous!

I posted before in this post about a rabbit I'd found. It's so nice to finally have my own.

I've finished off my day with a family meal, eating chocolate and just being lazy after a tiring day.

Sorry about all the writing, I hope this wasn't too boring. I just thought I'd tell you all about my day, I personally like these types of posts. I'm sorry about the lack of pictures though! I'll post tomorrow if I'm not too busy enjoying the sunshine. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and monday too! :) xx


  1. aww your rabbits so cute, I really miss mine! I like these type of posts too, sounds like you had a lovely day :) xx

    1. Thank-you! :) Aww :( Oh good I'm glad and yes I did! :) xx

  2. Aw what a beautiful little rabbit! can't wait to hear what you call him

    sounds like you had a great day :)
    lucky to have the sun, its been raining non stop here in Scotland :(!!!


    1. Thank-you :) He still has no name! I feel so sorry for you, I'm boiling! xxxxxxx