Sunday, 1 July 2012

"Dusk til Dawn" MUA eye shadow palette review

Hello, I'd like to apologize for two things. 
Firstly I'm sorry I haven't been blogging properly over the last week. I started back at school after a month off last week and I've been really busy since. I did spend quite a bit of time yesterday taking pictures for upcoming posts then editing them so I didn't post because of that. I did a remembrance walk today for a girl in my school who unfortunately died a few weeks ago, this is why I'm posting so late. 
Secondly I HATE my flash. It messes up all my photos, especially when I'm taking pictures of shiny, reflective objects. Please ignore it! 

The "Dusk til Dawn" palette cost £4 from Superdrug. I adore it for a variety of different reasons. 

£4 for 12, good quality eye shadows is a bargain. If you like drugstore make-up or experimenting its worth buying this! 
I love the eye shadow shades. Each colour is different and I will definitely use each one - This is one of the main reasons why I bought the palette. I think that the palette contains shades that are perfect for each season and occasion. I'll wear the light pinks and blue throughout summer. I'll wear the golden eye shadow around Christmas (5 months and 25 days to go!). I'll wear the purples and greys during winter. I'll wear the sparkly shades on nights out! Very helpful!

The eye shadows apply really well. I've only used three shades so far which were light, for school! I had to build these up if I wanted a noticeable colour but for a natural look (when I wanted one) they were perfect.

There are two things I don't like about the palette. Firstly I don't like the brush or whatever you call an eye shadow applicator. I don't know why but I don't. It's bearable though although I think I'll swap to another when I find some eye shadow brushes/applicators that I already own.

Secondly the case was scratched. This annoyed me because I like my new things to look actually look new, not damaged. I don't know if the scratches were there already or if they happened when the eye shadow palette spent an afternoon in my handbag. If you do decide to buy a palette look out for them unless you aren't fussy like me!

Overall I love the palette. I shall definitely be buying a few of the others! Have any of you tried any MUA eye shadow palettes? What did you think? Which Palette is your favourite?
Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. There are some really pretty shades in this palette! I haven't tried anything from MUA yet but I have my eye on the undressed palette, they are such good value for money! xx

    1. I agree! :) I think you should give the brand a try, I always have 3 lipsticks and a blush which I love! I think the Undressed palette has some similar colours to this palette :) Yes they are! xx