Thursday, 26 July 2012

7 Things For A Month!

Last month I made this post about goals I wanted to achieve throughout July. I achieved most of my goals but I still haven't shopped at all for my 100 follower giveaway as I'm not 100% certain whether I still want to do one. I also still need a haircut! I'm proud that I completed 5 goals though.

The 7 things for a month was a tag created by Louise from Sprinkleofglitter, My favourite Youtuber and Blogger! She made this tag to motivate herself to achieve her goals and encouraged other people do the tag too. It's is motivational so I'm grateful to her for letting her reader's get involved too! You can find Louise's post which explains about the tag here. If you decide to do the tag please link it back to her as she created it!

These are goals which I want to achieve throughout August. I have the whole month off from school so I'll have plenty of time to complete my goals. I don't know why goal 1 and 2 are in white writing, if anybody knows please help!!
  1. Blog more - I feel like I don't blog enough, I'm either busy or lazy.I have so many posts planned which I'd really like to do so I am annoyed at myself. My goal is to post at least 4 times a week.  My blog isn't going to focused on one thing either, I want to do a variety of posts! I'd love to do more outfit posts as I enjoy reading these, it's just difficult to find a photographer!
  2. Spend time with all my grandparents - All of my grandparents live in England and I live in Wales. I miss all of them constantly and I know that they miss me and my siblings too. I'm going to stay with my mother's parents in just under two weeks in Sheffield for a week. I will also see my father's father and his partner when I'm there. I need to arrange to see my father's mother though!
  3. Start my university application - I need to decide which universities I want to apply too (I can apply to five) and start writing my personal statement over these next few weeks which is a big part of the application. I'm going to apply for Adult Nursing, I love caring for people and I think I'd enjoy the job. I went to hospital for work experience and helped  nurses which helped me finalise my career choice!
  4. Spoil my rabbit - I told you all about my rabbit in this post. We have only had him a few days, I want to get him a few toys and treats to keep him happy and  entertained. I feel sorry for him when we are out. We also need to get him a run for the garden so we can let him run around outside safely. Our street is full of cats who'd love to murder our little bunny!
  5. Photography - I want to more photography over summer. I do an evening A-level photography course but I don't want all my photography to be for that. I still want to enjoy photography as a hobby. I'll be going to lot's of beautiful places in summer so I'll have plenty of things to photograph! Maybe I'll show you in a post?
  6. Read more - I think I've mentioned this before in a post but oh well! I really want to read more, I don't feel that I do read enough anymore. I love reading and I need to spend more time with my books. I've asked for some for my birthday so hopefully I'll have lots to read!
  7. Start working - My dad has found me a summer job. I need to travel Cardiff, the capital of Wales, to sign up for it and register with the company that will pay me. I should have done this a week or two ago but I've been far too busy. Once I start my job it'll me nice to have more money to enjoy my summer and do lots of things. New clothes would be nice too!

    I hope you all enjoyed this post. If you do decide to get involved link me yours posts because I'd love to read them! I enjoy reading Louise's and a few of the other post's I've seen.

    I mentioned above  that I'm going to stay in Sheffield for a week with my grandparents. It'll be difficult for me to post, I'll be spending two days travelling and a lot of time with my family. Would anyone be interested in doing a guest post on my blog? It'd really help me out! I'd be happy to do a guest post for you too. It can be on any topic you'd like to write about, I really don't mind. I'm looking for 2 or 3 guest posts which I'd like to post on my busy days this summer and when I'm staying with my grandparents. If you are interested please email me at to discuss it!

    Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. I love Louise! Please follow mine and my sisters blog:

    We'll follow you back! :)

    Thankyou, happy blogging!

    1. I love Louise too!
      I only follow Blogs if I like them and thats the only reason you should follow mine. I'll have a look anyway.
      Happy blogging too! xxx

  2. This is a fab list. Sometimes writing it out makes it seem more do able! Good luck with it :) x

    1. Yes it does, it's motivated me. I've started 2 goals :) Thank-you! x

  3. I share the same two last goals as you - to read more and start working (or actually find a job first!) I love writing lists with aims, I just never seem to complete them! Good luck with your university application! They are stressful things!

    I think I might know why the first two goals are in white writing. When you're writing a new post, you know the little pen icon at the top you click on to change the colour of the text. If you hover over the icon to the right of it, it should say 'text background colour' That is probably set to white. I'm often changing that on my own posts by accident. I assume it's that anyway, if it's not thennn... I'm not too sure.

    1. I hope we can both complete them both then! Thank-you, uh-oh thanks for the warning!
      Okay I'll give it a try next time it happens, I'm useless with technology. Thanks!

  4. I also feel the frustration for the white behind the text because it happens to me all the time, if you click remove formatting when your writing after it should remove it however if you change the colour of your text it goes took me like an hour yesterday to post without the white and took an age of copying & pasting from word to blogger! I also feel your pain of choosing universities, im currently doing the same and its so hard to decide, at least your a step ahead and know the course you want to do! please check my blog out, would mean a lot as im new haha have a lovely dayxxxx

    1. Okay thank-you, I'll have to try it next time it happens. Yes I've done that too in the past, it's very frustrating. I've given up now.
      Yeah it is a difficult choice because it's an important one. I will! Thank-you, you too! xxxxxx