Monday, 25 June 2012

My birthday wishlist!

I love making these posts, I have no idea why. I just think it's nice to show you all what I am HOPING to receive on my birthday and keep as a little reminder for myself of the things I may be given! My birthday is in about a month and a week, the 4th of august. I shall be turning 18! The thought of becoming an adult terrifies me, I'm going to feel very old! However I am excited for more freedom and more opportunities!

Here's the wishlist -

All of the images are not sized properly, I hope you don't mind.
  • Nail Pen Polish Brushes - I'd love to try loads of different patterns on my nails, experiment and do little tutorials!
  • Printer - I'd like a colour printer for school and college work as well as printing off my own little bits when I need them. For example, train times!
  • Harry Potter - The Complete 8-Film Collection - I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I need want all of the films!
  • Recipe Scrapbook - I'd love a special book to jot down all of my favourite recipes for future use. The idea of a "scrapbook" appeals to me even more because I could stick in pictures of all my yummy creations too!
  • MAC Lipstick - MAC is definitely a popular brand. It always annoys me that I don't own any of their products. I love lipsticks, I'm really getting into them now I'm getting older, so I think a MAC lipstick for my first day as an adult and many days after, would be perfect!
  • The Lovely Bones - I've read this book before, my grandma's copy, I call her Gan-gan but I'll to stick to grandma on here as nobody would know what "Gan-gan" means! Anyway I watched the film, borrowed her book and loved it. I definitely need my own copy. The book and film are upsetting yet I think it's interesting. I can't explain what I find interesting as I don't want to ruin the book for any new readers but I don't mean I find the horrible bits interesting!
  • Bridesmaids - I borrowed this film from Blockbusters and loved it. I highly recommend giving this film a try if you like comedy or weddings! I think it's a film suited for both female and male viewers despite being about 6 women!
  • Studded Loafers - I've wanted a pair of black studded loafers for what seems like months. I can think of so many outfits that I could match them up with! I'm currently after the black ones but I'd love a cream pair too!
  • Decorating Cookies Book - I love decorating cakes so I'd love to try baking and decorating cookies too! The cookies on the front cover on the book look cute and something that I would try!
  • Pop Up Speaker - This is a speaker that you can connect to phones and I-pods. I also THINK I'll be able to connect it to my laptop. Its small and perfect for taking places when you want to chill and listen to music. It'd also be good as a BBQ or something! My friend has one so I know that they are small which makes it easier to take them places! I don't think my laptop and phones plays music load enough so it'd be great for my room too!
I hope you all enjoyed this post. I haven't included clothes or any beauty products, except the lipstick, as I prefer buying them myself so I can get the right clothing size and the right product shade! I hope none of you think that I am showing off either, this is a just an ideas list for my mum. The main reason I'm excited for my birthday is to celebrate starting another year of my life with my family and friends!
Have any of you tried any of the products above? What did you think?
Thank-you for reading! xx

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Once again I thought I'd show you all the bits and bobs I've bought recently, a few beauty products and school shoes. Here is what I bought -

  • The natural collection white eye liner - I normally wear black top and bottom of my eyes but I think I now prefer not having black on the bottom. I decided to buy this white eye liner to open up and brighten up my eyes. This cost £1.99.
  • MUA lipstick - Yes I bought another. This is in shade 6 although you can't really see it properly. It's a lovely shade of light pink, perfect for school! This cost £1.00.
  • Two glittery BarryM nail polishes - The golden one is in the shade "Copper" and the pink one is in the shade "Pink silver glitter". I've only tried the pink one so far but I absolutely love it!! They both cost £3.00.
  • Two natural collection nail polishes - I bought both of these because I think they are both summery colours. The top one is in the shade "Praline" and the bottom one is the shade "Twinkle Berry". They both cost £1.99.
The Natural Collection has an offer on - 3 things for £5. This means that I saved a pound when I bought the three Natural Collection products above.

  • 50 Large Oval Cotton Wool Pads - These were from Tesco. I'm sorry but I really cannot remember if they were £1.00 or £2.00 as my father bought them for me. These are going to be used to remove make-up!
  • No7 Gentle Toner - This is priced at £8.00 yet I bought it for £3.00! Boots are currently giving out the "£5.00 off No7" vouchers so this toner was a bargain. I need to go back to Boots, spend money, get another voucher then buy the cleanser!

Bit of a boring item but these are the shoes I've bought for school. I'm going back tomorrow after a month and a half off due to exam study leave, my exams finished a month ago! These were from Shoe Zone and cost £6.99.


I didn't buy this book. The lovely Catrine from unnakednails sent it to me after I asked for it when she did a book give away, thank-you so much :) I'm really excited to read it although I have to finish the book I'm currently reading first. I love the P.S. I love You film so the book should be good too! Thank-you Catrine!

I hope you all enjoyed this little post. I have quite a few planned posts to write and post but as I said, I'm back in school tomorrow! This means I may not have time every night to write up posts but I'll give it a try!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend, Thank-you for reading! xx

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fudge - My short-term pet!

A story for animal lovers! -

On Tuesday evening I found this beautiful animal hopping around a front garden near my house. It was very late but I knew she wasn't a house rabbit. She'd ran away from her home.
It took myself and my father around half an hour to catch her. We were so scared she was going to get run over. Eventually we caught  her and took her home, she was left in my garden overnight.

I thought it would be easy to find her owner. However after an hour and forty minutes knocking on doors in my local area I had no luck! Nobody knew who she belonged too or didn't answer their door.
I started to believe we'd get to keep her. We called her "Fudge" because we were sick of calling her "the rabbit" or "fluffy". I adored her. I have 2 little brothers and a little sister who did too!

My mother went and bought her food, hay and a water bottle and I borrowed a hutch/run off my friend to keep Fudge safe and happy. We didn't know how long she would be with us for. It was so lovely watching her hop around our garden and playing with her. I was too scared to pick her up though!!

Isn't she cute? I really enjoyed looking after her and playing with her.

However myself and my mother had uploaded a picture of her on Facebook and stated she was a missing rabbit and I was absolutely distraught when my uncle said he knew the owner. I contacted her but she's in Florida.. I'm very jealous.. She lucky to be there and own Fudge! Her parents came to pick up the rabbit around 9pm on Wednesday evening.

 It was delightful to see how happy they were to have her back and learn about how loved Fudge, whose actually called Bluebell, is. I know she's only a rabbit but we got so attached her and have no pets, I'm was sad when she left! I will be getting a rabbit over the next few weeks :)

I hope this post wasn't too boring. Just felt like doing a little life post about this. Thank-you for reading xx

Friday, 22 June 2012

Pantene Shampoo & Conditioner Review!

I'm going to do a shampoo & conditioner review, I couldn't resist. The shampoo & conditioner I'm going to review is the Pantene 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner for fine hair.

It claims to "Help fortify your fine hair to its full volume potential. Leave your hair looking full with lightweight body and shine. Help protect your fine hair from styling damage."

I decided to try this shampoo & conditioner around 2 weeks ago, it's a smallish bottle which I bought from Tesco for around £2.50. This is a 2 in 1 shampoo & conditioner which is great when you're in a rush and want to wash your hair quickly. I wanted to try out the small bottle before I bought the larger, more expensive bottles which I will now be buying!

Sorry about the crappy lighting but this is it!

I LOVE this shampoo & conditioner. It's done everything that I've always wanted a shampoo & conditioner to do to my hair. It leaves my hair feeling silky and it makes my hair shiny and smooth. I really like the smell too, I can't stop sniffing my hair! It's the best shampoo and conditioner that I've used!
My hair feels great after using this. I think it's really helped with my split ends too, which isn't even a reason why I bought this shampoo & conditioner. My hair also used to get a bit frizzy and it's helped calm that down.
I highly recommend giving this shampoo & conditioner a try, especially if you want a cheap, good shampoo & conditioner. If you decide to give it a try, buy a small bottle to see if you like it first. I can't wait to buy the large bottles now.

Basically I just felt I'd tell you all I'm really happy with this product and happy with the ways it's improved my hair!
Have you tried the Pantene's shampoos or conditioners? Would you consider giving them a try? Thank-you for reading xx

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 things .. for a month!

I did this post last week about 7 things for a week, "things" being goals after being inspired by Louise from sprinkleofglitter. Yesterday Louise decided to create a tag for this after lots of positive feedback from the post that inspired me to do my post last week which you can find here. You can find Louise's post which explains all about the tag here.

Here are my 7 goals to complete over the next month-
  1. Plan my birthday - I'm turning 18 on the 4th of august and I need a plan. I think I'm going to spend the early afternoon bowling with friends then have lunch in one of my favourite restaurants, Frankie and Benny's! In the evening I'm going to have a family meal, my grandparents are coming from England to join my family and my auntie's family so we can have one big family meal! However my goal is to arrange all of this - Decide on times, book two meals, book bowling, sort out who's coming to my afternoon celebrations with friends, buy an outfit.. Big goal!
  2. Start my A-level work. I'm doing A-level English and the only book I know that I have to  read so far is Sense and sensibility. I'm back in school next Monday after a month off for study leave whilst I did my As levels exams, so I'll be able to find out which book I should have! I always want to start my photography A-level work by researching photographers and start preparing for a 3,000 word essay! I'm doing two other subjects but I don't know what I'll need to start for them yet!
  3. I included this in my last post but it hasn't been done, I NEED to exercise more. I'm going to attend zumba and kick-boxing weekly with my best friend Abbie. Gym classes, swimming and bike rides have been discussed with other friends so I need to get exercising. I'm excited to get fit and shift some weight - I love zumba, I want to try new gym classes and I could have healthy picnics on the bike rides!
  4. Sort out my room - I mentioned this in my post last week too and I did clean it but it just needs sorting out. I own so many things I don't need which belong in a bin or charity shop. I need more space!
  5. Arrange my summer voluntary work - I want to do voluntary work to gain more experience and build up my university application. In Febuary I did work experience in a hospital and enjoyed caring for the elderly. They were all so kind and polite. I'd love to volunteer and care the elderly. I'm applying for an adult nursing course so this would be great experience.
  6. Have a hair cut - This probably sounds like a silly goal but I haven't had a hair cut for months!! I hate going as I never trust hairdressers. I'd love a fringe again though so I best pay a hairdresser a visit SOON.
  7. Start buying things for my 100 follower give away! I'm so happy that I have 57 followers, Thank-you all so much :') I'd love to do a give away to say thanks for supporting my blog when/if I reach 100 followers.

    Hope you all enjoyed this post and it's inspired some of you to give it a try. I know it's motivation because I completed most of the goals I set last week. Thank-you for reading xx

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Photography Exam - Final Pictures

Heya everyone, today I thought I would show you my photography exam pictures!! I've just about finished my photography As level which is exciting! I can't wait to my A-level. Photography is definitely my favourite hobby. My theme for my exam was personal possessions. Here they are -

My little sister, Abbie who is 9, modelling with a bear.
My sister again hugging the bear.

A rose and a piano. Two personal possessions combined!
A still life of person possessions. Towards the back on the right is a family picture of me with my three siblings!

A pocket watch.


My friend Jess and more clothing in the woods!

My friend Jess in the picture above has a blog which you can find here! I think that my favourite picture is my sister staring dreamily out of the window. I'm proud and happy with them all though! Do any of you do photography for an As/A level or as a hobby? Thank-you for reading :) xx

Friday, 15 June 2012

Haul - Recent Finds!

Hello everyone! Today I thought I would share some things I've recently bought with you. I spent far too much money, my bank balance has suffered!

ELIVE shampoo and conditioner - £1.25 (on offer) - Superdrug
Palmer's stretch mark cream - £5.39 - Superdrug. This is £4 in Wilkinson, which I discovered after buying it. I wasn't impressed!
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation - £7.69 - Superdrug
Hair clips - 80p - Wilkinson 
17 soft liner - £3.99 - Boots
                                             Barry M nail varnish - £2.99 - Superdrug
Pantene shampoo - around £2.50 - Tesco
Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick - £3.99 (on offer) - Superdrug

I bought this cute, simple notebook from Wilkinson for £2.75.

I shouldn't have spent this much at all! However I don't regret it, I'm happy with everything I've bought although I haven't tried the ELIVE shampoo yet!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The weather is horrible here in Wales, it's pouring down with rain. we just had a bit of thunder and lightening too! I'm going to spend my weekend drinking hot cups of tea and reading a good book!
Today I also did a blog interview for the lovely Rose from Pipsqueak. If you would like to read the interview click here. If you would like to do a blog interview for Rose, give this post a read.
Thank-you for reading! xx

Monday, 11 June 2012

7 Things for 7 Days

Inspired by a post that my favourite Youtuber/Blogger did, Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter, when she made THIS post, I decided to make my own 7 goals to complete over the next 7 days. Louise has been doing this and it appears to have been really beneficial for her and the people she has involved in her goals such as her beautiful baby daughter! My best friend will benefit from my goals :)

1. Finish my photography exam book - As you may or may not know I am doing a photography As level, I have one week to complete my book to a hopefully A grade standard!

2. EXERCISE! - I have really gotten lazy recently. My mum has bought an exercise bike so I think using the exercise bike for about half an hour or more everyday would benefit me a lot!

3. Blog more- I need to start preparing and posting posts more regularly, I have lots to blog about about but I never get round to it. I think if I prepared posts beforehand I'd find it easier to blog more regularly! Watch out for more posts! I want to do at least 4 over the next 7 days, excluding this one!

4. Clean- Due to exams then half term then lazyness my room has suffered rather a lot. It is the messiest it's ever been. I have a floordrobe, paper and random bits covering my floor. To make things worse I have my own bathroom which needs a good clean too!

5. Start saving for New Zealand! - When I have enough money I have been invited to live/stay in my uncle's spare bedroom for a few months. He lives with his fiance' and new baby, my new cousin Lewis, whom I'm yet to meet. I haven't met my two other cousin's who live out there with my uncle and aunt either! I need to go. I'll work out there for a few months before university :) Celebrating Christmas out there would be cool too!

6. Give Abbie her birthday presents - Due to lack of money I couldn't give my best friend anything for her birthday. However she was very understanding and will receive a lovely bag of goodies from me over the next few days!

7. See Snow White and the Huntsmen - I am desperately want to see this film, it looks great! I shall go within the next 7 days :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and it inspired you somehow. If you have done or do any similar posts feel free to leave links to them below and I'll have a read.

Please do go and check out Louise's post and her whole blog if you haven't, she is wonderful! xx

Friday, 8 June 2012

Abbie's 18th birthday!!

Yesterday my best friend Abbie turned 18. To celebrate the special occasion she had a house party! Her house was full of cake, alcohol, a buffet, Chinese take-away, music and happy people, it was a really lovely afternoon/evening. I really enjoyed myself and I'm glad Abbie did too!
I thought I would share a few pictures from the event. I am the black haired girl in the bird dress. I can't decide which breed of bird is on my dress.. Heron maybe?

Me, Sam, Ashlee, The birthday girl and Leah.

Ashlee and myself.

Abbie's cake! A jacuzzi on top and two tiers of delicious cupcakes below!

Enjoying the jacuzzi!

The birthday girl and myself, I look a bit messy after the jacuzzi! 

I'm so glad Abbie had a good birthday, it was a really fun party!

My dress was from Primark and it cost £10.

You can find Abbie's blog here!

Thank-you for reading :) xx