Tuesday, 19 June 2012

7 things .. for a month!

I did this post last week about 7 things for a week, "things" being goals after being inspired by Louise from sprinkleofglitter. Yesterday Louise decided to create a tag for this after lots of positive feedback from the post that inspired me to do my post last week which you can find here. You can find Louise's post which explains all about the tag here.

Here are my 7 goals to complete over the next month-
  1. Plan my birthday - I'm turning 18 on the 4th of august and I need a plan. I think I'm going to spend the early afternoon bowling with friends then have lunch in one of my favourite restaurants, Frankie and Benny's! In the evening I'm going to have a family meal, my grandparents are coming from England to join my family and my auntie's family so we can have one big family meal! However my goal is to arrange all of this - Decide on times, book two meals, book bowling, sort out who's coming to my afternoon celebrations with friends, buy an outfit.. Big goal!
  2. Start my A-level work. I'm doing A-level English and the only book I know that I have to  read so far is Sense and sensibility. I'm back in school next Monday after a month off for study leave whilst I did my As levels exams, so I'll be able to find out which book I should have! I always want to start my photography A-level work by researching photographers and start preparing for a 3,000 word essay! I'm doing two other subjects but I don't know what I'll need to start for them yet!
  3. I included this in my last post but it hasn't been done, I NEED to exercise more. I'm going to attend zumba and kick-boxing weekly with my best friend Abbie. Gym classes, swimming and bike rides have been discussed with other friends so I need to get exercising. I'm excited to get fit and shift some weight - I love zumba, I want to try new gym classes and I could have healthy picnics on the bike rides!
  4. Sort out my room - I mentioned this in my post last week too and I did clean it but it just needs sorting out. I own so many things I don't need which belong in a bin or charity shop. I need more space!
  5. Arrange my summer voluntary work - I want to do voluntary work to gain more experience and build up my university application. In Febuary I did work experience in a hospital and enjoyed caring for the elderly. They were all so kind and polite. I'd love to volunteer and care the elderly. I'm applying for an adult nursing course so this would be great experience.
  6. Have a hair cut - This probably sounds like a silly goal but I haven't had a hair cut for months!! I hate going as I never trust hairdressers. I'd love a fringe again though so I best pay a hairdresser a visit SOON.
  7. Start buying things for my 100 follower give away! I'm so happy that I have 57 followers, Thank-you all so much :') I'd love to do a give away to say thanks for supporting my blog when/if I reach 100 followers.

    Hope you all enjoyed this post and it's inspired some of you to give it a try. I know it's motivation because I completed most of the goals I set last week. Thank-you for reading xx


  1. I found you through Louise! I love your blog already :)

    I'm taking part in the 7 things for 7 days challenge too, it's really gotten me motivated haha : http://chloemurray1994.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/hello-i-dont-know-whether-anyone-will.html

    Good luck with yours! :)

    1. Aw thank-you, I'll have a look on yours now :)
      It's gotten me motivated too, thanks for leaving your post, love reading them! :)
      Thanks, Good luck too :)

  2. I love Louise, she's such a sweetheart! This is a really nice idea, the whole exercise thing would definitely be on mine! xx

    1. I love her too!Thank-you, you should make one! xx

  3. Turning 18 is so important, you really should get a plan to have a nice day! I could've bought like a tons of outfits for that day but since I was thrown a surprise party I didn't have a fancy outfit back then <: And it seems like nobody on the world trust hairdressers, they should think about why is that ;)

    1. Yes I am involving family and friends :') Ahh that's a shame but as long as you had a good night, that's great!
      Nope they don't :O But I dislike them because they never cut my hair correctly :(

  4. Great goals, hope you have a brilliant birthday! :)

    Now following you!

    Please check out my blog if you can :D

    Great blog, looking forward to your next post!


    1. Thank-you :) I sure will :) Thanks :)xxxx