Monday, 25 June 2012

My birthday wishlist!

I love making these posts, I have no idea why. I just think it's nice to show you all what I am HOPING to receive on my birthday and keep as a little reminder for myself of the things I may be given! My birthday is in about a month and a week, the 4th of august. I shall be turning 18! The thought of becoming an adult terrifies me, I'm going to feel very old! However I am excited for more freedom and more opportunities!

Here's the wishlist -

All of the images are not sized properly, I hope you don't mind.
  • Nail Pen Polish Brushes - I'd love to try loads of different patterns on my nails, experiment and do little tutorials!
  • Printer - I'd like a colour printer for school and college work as well as printing off my own little bits when I need them. For example, train times!
  • Harry Potter - The Complete 8-Film Collection - I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan, I need want all of the films!
  • Recipe Scrapbook - I'd love a special book to jot down all of my favourite recipes for future use. The idea of a "scrapbook" appeals to me even more because I could stick in pictures of all my yummy creations too!
  • MAC Lipstick - MAC is definitely a popular brand. It always annoys me that I don't own any of their products. I love lipsticks, I'm really getting into them now I'm getting older, so I think a MAC lipstick for my first day as an adult and many days after, would be perfect!
  • The Lovely Bones - I've read this book before, my grandma's copy, I call her Gan-gan but I'll to stick to grandma on here as nobody would know what "Gan-gan" means! Anyway I watched the film, borrowed her book and loved it. I definitely need my own copy. The book and film are upsetting yet I think it's interesting. I can't explain what I find interesting as I don't want to ruin the book for any new readers but I don't mean I find the horrible bits interesting!
  • Bridesmaids - I borrowed this film from Blockbusters and loved it. I highly recommend giving this film a try if you like comedy or weddings! I think it's a film suited for both female and male viewers despite being about 6 women!
  • Studded Loafers - I've wanted a pair of black studded loafers for what seems like months. I can think of so many outfits that I could match them up with! I'm currently after the black ones but I'd love a cream pair too!
  • Decorating Cookies Book - I love decorating cakes so I'd love to try baking and decorating cookies too! The cookies on the front cover on the book look cute and something that I would try!
  • Pop Up Speaker - This is a speaker that you can connect to phones and I-pods. I also THINK I'll be able to connect it to my laptop. Its small and perfect for taking places when you want to chill and listen to music. It'd also be good as a BBQ or something! My friend has one so I know that they are small which makes it easier to take them places! I don't think my laptop and phones plays music load enough so it'd be great for my room too!
I hope you all enjoyed this post. I haven't included clothes or any beauty products, except the lipstick, as I prefer buying them myself so I can get the right clothing size and the right product shade! I hope none of you think that I am showing off either, this is a just an ideas list for my mum. The main reason I'm excited for my birthday is to celebrate starting another year of my life with my family and friends!
Have any of you tried any of the products above? What did you think?
Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. nail art is well worth buying i love mine when i use it :) is that a present idea for me to buy you? :P All the things seem nice al' hope you get them :)

    1. It's not one I'm 100% keen on I'm having a think before I ask .. my mother :P Thank-you :)

  2. well, this blog post looks familiar ;) My birthday is the 31st of August, I hate having my birthday so late in the year -.- xx

    1. Haha I posted it before but decided to leave it until nearer my birthday! I count mine as being late too -.- xx