Saturday, 25 February 2012

Spring/Summer outifit

I go to lots of special places in spring and summer. I'll be going to meals, birthdays, sheffield, celebrating the birth of my new cousin and whatever so I enjoy planning and buying different outfits around this time of year.

I thought these would look really nice together. The dress is from Forever 21 and it is priced at £18.75. The shoes are from New Look and they are priced at £15.99.
I havent found any jewlerry to go with it yet, I might already have some. If i purchase these I'll do an outfit of the day. I thought I would just show you all how I put outfits together anyway :)

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Prom photo.

This is my prom photo. I'm in the blue dress at the front! I wish I'd smiled more, I look so moody :(
But yes, 2 months after prom we finally recieved our lovely keepsake.
Im so excited for prom this december now, It was a great night that I enjoyed alot :)
These are a few friends of my mine. My best friend Jess is at the back in a green/blue dress that you cant see that well :L
I thought I would share this with you all anyway, Its something very special to me.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

My week in pictures.

I think that one picture can sum up my week.
I have done plenty of things this last week. Its been half term. I've watched the welsh rugby team train, I've climbed a mountain, I celebrated my mothers birthday yesterday but the most important thing that has happened this week is that .. My new cousin was born.
This is Lewis Keith. His middle name is Keith after our great grandfather. Isn't he cute?
He was born yesterday, I'm so happy he's here at last.
Unfortunately he lives in New Zealand so I won't meet him for many years. But its exciting to know there is a new, little member in my family. I'm very happy. :)

Nail varnish review - Raspberry, The Natural Collection

This picture is terrible I'm really sorry. Its difficult to firstly show you my nails AND the bottle. Its also a bad photo due to the lighting.
But anyway, This is a review of the nail varnish "raspberry" from The Natural Collection.
I adore the colour. It is a lovely shade of dark pink. It can look a little purpley in some lights. I think its a wonderful nail varnish which Im going to look forward to using alot.
The flaw of the nail varnish are that it was a bit messy to put on. I dont know if thats just me but I thought it was a bit runny. But for the price its worth it.
It doe take two coats to get a thick, proper colour but this is in the advertising so I cant slate that. I also put a top coat on to make it shinier which gave it a smoother, shinier finish.
The nail varnish cost £1.80/£1.90 or currently all of The Natural Collect make up range is on offer- 3 for £5 in Boots.
Its worth a try, its so cheap and its a great colour in my opinion.
Sorry for the terrible photo!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bedroom wishlist

I have decided that when I go to university next year I am going to try and live at home. I want to save money and live close to my family.
My room is pretty plain, it always has been and I have never made alot of effort with it. Now I know I will be living here for the next 4/5 years I'd like to make it nicer and change alot of things.
Here are a few things I have found that I am hoping to purchase for my "new" room.
1. Amazon - £14.95
2. Argos - £12.99
3. Matalan - £20.00

4. Amazon - £2.46
5. Matalan - £6.00
6. Matalan - £6.00

7. Argos - £4.99
8. Matalan - £12.00
9. Amazon - £6.00

10. Amazon - £19.95
11. Amazon - £39.99
12. Amazon - £12.00

13. Matalan - £8.00
14. Amazon - £9.99

I have no idea what theme I am going for, maybe a bit of a vintage one and a bit of a pink one! I also love butterflys and flowers so thats why so many items have these on them.
There are a few other things I havent included such as my lamps, a laundry bin and stuff because they are boring!
Anyway I just thought I would share this post to show the things Im getting (hopefully!). Enjoy :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A small haul.

 Rose print dress

I bought this dress in the Boohoo sale for £10. Unfortunately it is no longer in stock, but it may be worth checking out the other dresses in the sale on their website. I love the lace detail on the dress and the floral pattern. I haven't worn the dress out yet but when I have tried it on, it has been slightly short so I would wear it with tights or shorts underneath. It is flowy though which is nice.

Lace up ankle boots
These boots were also from Boohoo and they cost £15. I havent worn them out yet but they seemed comfy when I tried them on. I love that they fold over at the top and I think that the little heel is cute.

Floral top and green jeans - Outfit of the day

This floral top was from New Look and cost £11. These jeans were from Tescos and they cost £16.
The top is flowy and loose, but maybe this due to the size I bought. It has a knot thing at the bottom that I thought would be annoying but it hasnt bothered me at all.
I love the colour of the jeans. They are really comfy. The material is soft and smooth.
I wore this outfit today. My leather jacket was from a past New Look sale and cost £18. I wore white pumps with this which I forgot to include in this photo (sorry!).

Natural collection nail varnish

I have been keen to try these out for ages. They cost £1.90 each or they are 3 for £5. I bought these from Boots.
I only bought these today so I haven't tried them out on my nails but when I do I might do a review. I know you need to put on two coats to get the "full" colour.
The nail varnish on the left is the shade Frosted Plum.
                                         The nail varnish in the centre is the shade Raspberry.
                                         The nail varnish on the right is the shade Topaz.
Has anyone tried out the Natural Collection nail varnishes? If you have please comment and let me know what you thought about them. :')

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Project Perfect

Photos of myself that I like, and why:

I like this picture for many different reasons. This is a photo of me before I went to my prom in december, I love my dress, jewlerry and shoes.
I like my skin tone, I had a spray tan which went a bit too dark but I loved being tanned, I hate being pale.
I adored my hair, I had thick, tightish curls and it was backcombed which I think really suited me. My mum also bought me some cute clips which you cant see in this!
My lashes and nails were also done in a beauty salon but you cant really tell. I loved having this lashes, I did my make up myself and I was really happy with how it turned out.
My nails were a lovely gold/copper colour, it was the first time I'd had my nails done and I enjoyed it, the colour was lovely and didnt chip off for weeks! 
I'm also really happy in this photo. I was pleased with my appearance and I was excited to get to prom (which I really enjoyed!!). I had a perfect day.
Three things that I don't like about myself, with a positive outlook:
  1. I never used to like my freckles, I have plenty thanks to my fathers genes. But slowly as I have got older I have noticed I'm started not to care as much. I also get complicated on them, I always get told they are "cute".
  2. I HATE my teeth. I had braces when I was around 12/13 but when I was 13 I moved to Wales which meant leaving behind my great orthodontist in England. When we was just settling in, the wire on my bottom brace had somehow come off and it cut my mouth badly. I pulled off the wire, I still had brackets on my teeth for a few weeks!
    The orthodonist here told me my teeth were fine and I didnt need braces. My teeth are not straight at all! My bottom teeth are actually really wonky and annoying.
    I am really self concious about my smile. However as my confidence has developed, my smile has improved! I'm gradually starting to become less annoyed with my teeth.
    Nobody has ever really said anything about my teeth either which is positive I dont know why I worry and despise them so much.
  3. I dislike the stretchmarks on my legs. They are small and a red/purple colour, they look like cuts sometimes. However nobody has never really noticed them and Coco butter is helping them fade!
Three things that I like about myself:
  1. I love my hair. I'm so proud of how long I've grown it. It can get annoying sometimes but I would never cut it short (I think). My hair is not naturally black. I started dying it black when I was 14, after a "dark chocolate brown" hairdye made my hair go black. I like the colour and I think it suits me.
  2. I love my eyes. They are hazel - a mixture of brown and green. I adore the variety of different colours that I see in them. They are the same colour as my fathers, and the grandmother I never got to meet, so that makes the colour more special to me.
  3.  I like my "size". I'm happy I can fit into size 8/10 clothing.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Purple Grey - Models Own

My current favourite nail varnish is "Purple Grey" by "Models Own". It cost £5, I ordered it online so I had to pay an extra £2 for p&p.
It is a lovely shade of purple and it only took 2 coats to get a thick, dark purple colour on my nails. I really like it! I dont normally wear dark nail varnishes, I like light ones so this make a lovely change.
Unfortunately I put it on earlier in a rush so it is messy and I got some on the white bottle lid, so I didnt think my nails or the nail varnish would make a pretty picture. This picture is off Google images.
This is my first Models Own nail varnish, I'm so excited to try out other colours. There are a variety of different ones on the website!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

My February Wishlist

Perfume - "Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs" I am lusting after this for two main reasons.
Firstly the bottle looks GREAT. I love flowers and how the top of the lid on the bottle is one. I think it would look really nice in my room.
Secondly it smells gorgeous. I squirted some of a tester of the perfume in Boots onto my wrist yesterday and I did not stop sniffing my wrist for the rest of the night! I love the fragrance, I think it would suit me perfectly. It would be great for nights out.
The downside is that it costs £62 for the largest bottle so I wont be purchasing it for a few weeks yet. I adore this perfume though.

Cardigan - "Pontelle Knitted Kimono"

I have no idea what a "kimono" is. I would just describe it as a cardigan.
The cardigan is from New Look and it is priced at £25.00.
I love the colour. It is a beautiful peachy orange. I think it would be perfect for spring and summer. I normally wear dark colours so this bright cardigan would make a change.
I also love the sleeves. I think they will make the cardigan flowy and lightweight.The knitted pattern on the cardigan is also really nice.

Duvet set

This is the duvet set I want for my room. I absoloutely love it. It is covered in flowers, I love flowers. The blue also looks nice and adds a different kind of brightness to this duvet set.
This costs £13 and it is from Argos. I will be purchasing it this weekend.
I have found many nice things that I would like for my room. I may do a post on them.

"Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation"I have wanted to try a new foundation for a while, something different and easy to use. This foundation is FOAM, how different can you get? I tried a tester of it in Boots (again) and it seemed so light on my skin and very easy to use. I really want to give it a try.
This item will be in most drug stores and I dont think it costs no more than £10.

Tank top - "Howling Wolf Print Tank Top"

I want this top because I think the wolf looks really cool on it, it is howling at the moon! I also love tank tops. I think this top would look good tucked into a pair of shorts or look nice with a pair of jeans or leggings. Tank tops are great for summer.
This top costs £12.99 and it is from New Look.

Topshop Lipstick

I have only recently discovered that Topshop now have their own brand of make-up. I rarely shop there as I try not too buy expensive clothes. However I am keen to try their make-up, especially the lipstick!
The lipstick above is not a particular colour that I want but I would like a red or pink one. I have seen many reviews on them on Youtube and this, these reviews praised the lipstick!
I think they are priced at £8-£9.

My own photography - Squirrel

I adore photography. It is such a wonderful hobby and I enjoy it alot.

This a squirrel I captured in my local park last week, I had to stalk it for around ten minutes! Its a beautiful creature. I am so proud of this image so I thought I would share it with you all.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

A collage of 2011.

Pictures from my life

This is something I made last week using Picnik. It is a collage of pictures from my life in the last year, I wanted a new laptop desktop background.
It shows pictures from throughout the year. The pictures include two of my siblings, Abbie and Isaac, then some of my best friends - Abbie, Amy, Ceri, Lauren, Leah, Tom, Ben and yeah. My grandma (gan-gan) and two of my cousins are also in a picture on the top row. I included many pictures I love and the college has some of my favourite people in it.
I thought it would be a nice first picture for my blog, Looking at it makes me so happy. I love all of my family and friends alot.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My first post.

Well this is my first post. I dont know why I made this, I think it'll be interesting to make blogs and see other peoples. My name is Alex, I'm 17 and I live in Wales.
I'm probably going to use this blog to make posts about things in my life, maybe show you all things I like such as clothing or films and to talk to new people.
Enjoy my blog. :)