Thursday, 16 February 2012

Bedroom wishlist

I have decided that when I go to university next year I am going to try and live at home. I want to save money and live close to my family.
My room is pretty plain, it always has been and I have never made alot of effort with it. Now I know I will be living here for the next 4/5 years I'd like to make it nicer and change alot of things.
Here are a few things I have found that I am hoping to purchase for my "new" room.
1. Amazon - £14.95
2. Argos - £12.99
3. Matalan - £20.00

4. Amazon - £2.46
5. Matalan - £6.00
6. Matalan - £6.00

7. Argos - £4.99
8. Matalan - £12.00
9. Amazon - £6.00

10. Amazon - £19.95
11. Amazon - £39.99
12. Amazon - £12.00

13. Matalan - £8.00
14. Amazon - £9.99

I have no idea what theme I am going for, maybe a bit of a vintage one and a bit of a pink one! I also love butterflys and flowers so thats why so many items have these on them.
There are a few other things I havent included such as my lamps, a laundry bin and stuff because they are boring!
Anyway I just thought I would share this post to show the things Im getting (hopefully!). Enjoy :)


  1. Love the floral bed covers and owl cushion :) Hope you get your room like you want it x