Sunday, 19 February 2012

Nail varnish review - Raspberry, The Natural Collection

This picture is terrible I'm really sorry. Its difficult to firstly show you my nails AND the bottle. Its also a bad photo due to the lighting.
But anyway, This is a review of the nail varnish "raspberry" from The Natural Collection.
I adore the colour. It is a lovely shade of dark pink. It can look a little purpley in some lights. I think its a wonderful nail varnish which Im going to look forward to using alot.
The flaw of the nail varnish are that it was a bit messy to put on. I dont know if thats just me but I thought it was a bit runny. But for the price its worth it.
It doe take two coats to get a thick, proper colour but this is in the advertising so I cant slate that. I also put a top coat on to make it shinier which gave it a smoother, shinier finish.
The nail varnish cost £1.80/£1.90 or currently all of The Natural Collect make up range is on offer- 3 for £5 in Boots.
Its worth a try, its so cheap and its a great colour in my opinion.
Sorry for the terrible photo!


  1. What a gorgeous colour! It looks lovely on your nails :) xx

    1. Yeah it is really nice :) thankyou! xx

  2. I'm defiantly going to pick this up! I't'd be a great colour especially since its a bit warmer now! Great post!

    1. Yeah its really nice and cheap too! You can buy 3 for £5 in Boots :) Thankyou! xxx