Sunday, 12 February 2012

My February Wishlist

Perfume - "Oh, Lola! Marc Jacobs" I am lusting after this for two main reasons.
Firstly the bottle looks GREAT. I love flowers and how the top of the lid on the bottle is one. I think it would look really nice in my room.
Secondly it smells gorgeous. I squirted some of a tester of the perfume in Boots onto my wrist yesterday and I did not stop sniffing my wrist for the rest of the night! I love the fragrance, I think it would suit me perfectly. It would be great for nights out.
The downside is that it costs £62 for the largest bottle so I wont be purchasing it for a few weeks yet. I adore this perfume though.

Cardigan - "Pontelle Knitted Kimono"

I have no idea what a "kimono" is. I would just describe it as a cardigan.
The cardigan is from New Look and it is priced at £25.00.
I love the colour. It is a beautiful peachy orange. I think it would be perfect for spring and summer. I normally wear dark colours so this bright cardigan would make a change.
I also love the sleeves. I think they will make the cardigan flowy and lightweight.The knitted pattern on the cardigan is also really nice.

Duvet set

This is the duvet set I want for my room. I absoloutely love it. It is covered in flowers, I love flowers. The blue also looks nice and adds a different kind of brightness to this duvet set.
This costs £13 and it is from Argos. I will be purchasing it this weekend.
I have found many nice things that I would like for my room. I may do a post on them.

"Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation"I have wanted to try a new foundation for a while, something different and easy to use. This foundation is FOAM, how different can you get? I tried a tester of it in Boots (again) and it seemed so light on my skin and very easy to use. I really want to give it a try.
This item will be in most drug stores and I dont think it costs no more than £10.

Tank top - "Howling Wolf Print Tank Top"

I want this top because I think the wolf looks really cool on it, it is howling at the moon! I also love tank tops. I think this top would look good tucked into a pair of shorts or look nice with a pair of jeans or leggings. Tank tops are great for summer.
This top costs £12.99 and it is from New Look.

Topshop Lipstick

I have only recently discovered that Topshop now have their own brand of make-up. I rarely shop there as I try not too buy expensive clothes. However I am keen to try their make-up, especially the lipstick!
The lipstick above is not a particular colour that I want but I would like a red or pink one. I have seen many reviews on them on Youtube and this, these reviews praised the lipstick!
I think they are priced at £8-£9.


  1. This perfume is on my wishlist too! :) I love it xx

    1. Yeah its another thing that I cannot afford at the moment! I love it too, the fragrance and bottle design are really nice :) xx