Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Project Perfect

Photos of myself that I like, and why:

I like this picture for many different reasons. This is a photo of me before I went to my prom in december, I love my dress, jewlerry and shoes.
I like my skin tone, I had a spray tan which went a bit too dark but I loved being tanned, I hate being pale.
I adored my hair, I had thick, tightish curls and it was backcombed which I think really suited me. My mum also bought me some cute clips which you cant see in this!
My lashes and nails were also done in a beauty salon but you cant really tell. I loved having this lashes, I did my make up myself and I was really happy with how it turned out.
My nails were a lovely gold/copper colour, it was the first time I'd had my nails done and I enjoyed it, the colour was lovely and didnt chip off for weeks! 
I'm also really happy in this photo. I was pleased with my appearance and I was excited to get to prom (which I really enjoyed!!). I had a perfect day.
Three things that I don't like about myself, with a positive outlook:
  1. I never used to like my freckles, I have plenty thanks to my fathers genes. But slowly as I have got older I have noticed I'm started not to care as much. I also get complicated on them, I always get told they are "cute".
  2. I HATE my teeth. I had braces when I was around 12/13 but when I was 13 I moved to Wales which meant leaving behind my great orthodontist in England. When we was just settling in, the wire on my bottom brace had somehow come off and it cut my mouth badly. I pulled off the wire, I still had brackets on my teeth for a few weeks!
    The orthodonist here told me my teeth were fine and I didnt need braces. My teeth are not straight at all! My bottom teeth are actually really wonky and annoying.
    I am really self concious about my smile. However as my confidence has developed, my smile has improved! I'm gradually starting to become less annoyed with my teeth.
    Nobody has ever really said anything about my teeth either which is positive I dont know why I worry and despise them so much.
  3. I dislike the stretchmarks on my legs. They are small and a red/purple colour, they look like cuts sometimes. However nobody has never really noticed them and Coco butter is helping them fade!
Three things that I like about myself:
  1. I love my hair. I'm so proud of how long I've grown it. It can get annoying sometimes but I would never cut it short (I think). My hair is not naturally black. I started dying it black when I was 14, after a "dark chocolate brown" hairdye made my hair go black. I like the colour and I think it suits me.
  2. I love my eyes. They are hazel - a mixture of brown and green. I adore the variety of different colours that I see in them. They are the same colour as my fathers, and the grandmother I never got to meet, so that makes the colour more special to me.
  3.  I like my "size". I'm happy I can fit into size 8/10 clothing.


  1. Hi, lovely blog am following now x I love your dress. I have a tip for you, if you want more followers put a link to your blog on your profile as well so then people can find your blog quiker xx


    1. Thankyou :)Oh no I never noticed that! I'm so silly! Thankyou for the tip, I have changed it now :) xx

  2. I love freckles, you're so lucky to have them, I think they look really nice in the summer :) And you look really lovely in this photo xx

    1. I'm starting to like them more now and I get alot more freckles in summer! Thankyou :) xx

  3. you're very pretty and skinny so don't be so hard on yourself :) thanks for your comment on my blog. Follow back ? :)


    1. Aw thankyou :) Its okay :)
      I am following you. I'm not sure your following me or maybe it isnt showing on my blog yet :)