Friday, 20 July 2012

My Current Favourite Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick (review)

Hello! Today I thought I would tell you all about my favourite lipstick and do a little review.
My current favourite lipstick is the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 'shade 05'. It doesn't have a name!

The packaging is plain, it's just black. However I do think that the little "Kate" and the heart is cute.. or is that just me? Anyway, I don't mind the simple packaging.

I cannot decide if this lipstick is a medium or dark pink. It is medium but when you apply it and build it up, it's a dark dark shade of pink!
I adore this lipstick. It applies smoothly and it is really soft. In a way, it kind of moisturises my lips. My lips never feel "rough" after wearing it. This is something I've experienced with other lipsticks because my lips are sensitive. This lipstick feels very similar to a lip balm when applying but it is long lasting. I do top it up  throughout the day when I wear it but it does last for a few hours.
It is the perfect lipstick for day and night. I've worn this in the day and it has looked lovely, I'm very pale so I think that it brighten's up my face! It would also look great if you had a tan, which I never do. This lipstick is also perfect for night's out. It's bright and bold when you build it up!

This is a swatch of the lipstick! I've moaned about it before and I'm about to moan about it again - I am never satisfied with my swatch pictures. My flash has made the lipstick look bright than it actually is but if I'd turned my flash off the picture would have looked worse.

I bought the lipstick at the introductory price of around £3.49 from Superdrug. Unfortunately the lipstick is now fully priced at £5.49. I will be definitely repurchasing it though and I'd love to try a few of the other shades. I highly recommend this lipstick!

Speaking of Superdrug, they are currently offering free delivery from today until Monday. I don't know if Superdrug is out of the UK but I thought I'd tell any of my readers from the UK!

Would any of you consider trying this lipstick? Have any of you tried this lipstick brand? Let me know!

Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. I have this lipstick in 01, thinking of buying some more colours, any you would recommend?xxx

    1. I've only tried this shade (05) but I really do like it and I do recommend that you give it a try :) xxx

  2. it looks very pigmented! :) amazing colour!

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