Tuesday, 24 April 2012

My absence.

I thought I should explain why I have not been blogging regularly.
I have 5 awful exams next month which I have been revising for like a crazy woman. My teachers also decided to give me some coursework back to improve, thanks for the extra stress!
This is why I havent found the time to blog. Im so stressed out right now so I am trying my hardest to focus on my revision and coursework.
However on the weekend I will be ditching the revision for a little holiday to Centre Parcs with a large amount of my family, very excited! :)
Plase do not think that I have abandoned my blog, I havent. I check it everyday.
I have lots of posts lined up so please look  out for them! I'll try to do a proper blog post before my holiday.

Call me childish but this is a picture of what I feel like doing when I revise. Its actually was taken when I was doing english coursework but I found it amusing -

I apologise for the boring post. Thankyou for reading anyway. Good luck to anyone who has exams over the next few months :)


  1. I know the feeling, so stressed about my exams yet I cannot get the motivation to revise, good luck with yours! xx

    1. Yes Im exactly the same its horrible! Thankyou, good luck for yours too! xx

  2. AWWWW this picture is super cute. I know how you feel. I have 3 major exams next month to and a shit ton of English coursework as well. I can't wait to see your posts when you get around to them:)


    1. Thankyou haha, I though itr was funny! Yeah I hate revising and my english coursework! Aw good, i'll get back to posting normal soon :)