Sunday, 5 August 2012

My 18th birthday!

Hi everyone, yesterday I celebrated my 18th birthday, I had an amazing day. I spent my birthday morning opening my cards and presents then getting ready. I got spoilt, I'm so grateful to my family and two of my friends Abbie and Ryan! I then celebrated with friends, I went bowling then for a meal at Frankie and Bennys which is my favourite restaurant.

Hana, Abbie and myself. 
Me and Abbie.
Myself, excited to be 18!
Bowling! I hated those ugly shoes.

Everyone who came, had a great afternoon with them all!
I then decided to spend my birthday evening with my family. Turning 18 in the United Kingdom is a special birthday because your legal rights change. I can now buy alcohol, buy a house, get married and do lots of other stuff. I wanted to include my family in my celebration's because they're just as important as friends, possibly more important. We went for a meal to Frankie and Bennys, my second meal there (I said it was my favourite restaurant!) to celebrate. My parents, grandparents, siblings, aunty and cousins came. I had a lovely night with them all!
Myself and my grandmother, I called her "gan-gan".
My mum and myself.
Myself  and my little cousin Maya!

It was an absolutely great birthday because I got to spend it with  so many people I love! I'm travelling tomorrow to my grandparents house to stay for a week but I'll post as much as possible this week. I hope you've all had a good weekend. Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. I hope you had an amazing 18th birthday and have a wonderful holiday, where ever it is you are going :)

  2. I did and I hope too, Thank-you very much! :) I'm going to Sheffield in England. i hope you enjoy Turkey! x

  3. Happy birthday!! (for yesterday)
    Looks like you had a great time :)

  4. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a lovely day.

    Love Roza xxx

  5. Happy belated birthday!! It sounds like you had a lovely day. 18 is a fun year :] Also - love that dress in the photos!

    1. Thank-you :) I hope so! Thanks! :)