Sunday, 30 September 2012

September Favourites!

Last month I didn't really have any favourites I wasn't using any new products  and all of my "favourites" were products that had been featured in previous favourites posts.
However this month I do have favourites-

  • Bridesmaids- I love this film!! For anybody who doesn't know, it's a comedy film. I personally find it really amusing. The actresses (and actors) are funny and I think it has a good plot. My mother enjoyed it too so I think it appeals to lots of different people and age groups - definitely worth a watch!
  • Heart bracelet- I love it. It is so lightweight and the hearts have a lovely pattern on them. I also love the colour it is. It goes nicely with so many of my outfits.
  • No 7 nail varnish- I will definitely be reviewing this nail varnish soon, this week definitely, I absolutely love it. No 7 is such a good brand and I adore their nail polishes. Look out for the post!
  • Adore perfume- The perfume is Next's own brand. I bought it in their summer sale so I don't know if its still in their stores. It's a lovely scent but it isn't too over powering. Due to this perfume I've been told that I smell nice A LOT this month!!
  • Nair hair removal cream- We all get hair in unwanted places, don't pretend you don't. Personally I'm not a fan of plucking and find it too time consuming so I love hair removal cream. This is a really good cream, it takes 5 minutes for the cream to remove the hair and it hasn't burnt me and doesn't sting my skin - yay!
  • No7 'Stay Perfect' foundation- This is one of the new foundation's from No 7's colour match products. I really like it and it is the perfect match. I shall be doing a post about this too.
  •  Heart earrings- I love these earrings. I've received many compliments due to these too.
  • MUA lipstick- I love these, I've done one or two posts about them. They're so cheap but great quality. They are also really moisturising and I wear them to school because they are too vibrant. 
Close up of the bracelet and earrings - the picture is from my last haul post

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I'll be reviewing the nail varnish and foundation soon :) xx


  1. Bridesmaids is such a funny movie! I love it. I met the crazy lady who steals all the puppies in the movie while she was taping her show Mike and Molly in Hollywood - she is such a sweet and funny lady. I also love that bracelet - very pretty!!

    1. I do too, it is really good :) aw wow, I'd love to meet her. Shes my favourite character in the film! Thank-you :)!!

  2. I also have the Next perfume and it smells so good condering how cheap it is :) x x

    1. Yes I agree, it's lovely :) I hope they still have it in the shop! :) xx

  3. Really looking forward to the No7 foundation review! x

    1. Aw I'm glad, it'll be up this week :) x