Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Prince and Princess..

For my A-level photography I have chosen the coursework theme "Fantasy with a fairy tale twist". On Monday I did a photo shoot of Lucy and Jarred, two of my lovely friends and a great couple, for my coursework.
I'm so proud of the pictures and I'm happy I took them. As part of my theme is "fairy tale twist" I tried to make Lucy and Jarred look like a prince and princess.
They both wore their prom outfits, I think they looked great and suited my theme well. I have decided to show you all 6 of the pictures. Photography is something I really do love and its my own work so I like sharing my photography on my blog. Here are the pictures-

They were both so happy with the pictures, just like me. I have had a lot of lovely feedback from their family's  my own family and various friends. The feedback made me so happy - I'm ill at the moment (cough and cold!) so it definitely cheered me up!
I'm very grateful they were able to help with my coursework, I'm so excited to do the rest of my photography now.
What do you all think? I'd love some feedback!
Thank-you for reading! xx

*Please do not take any of these pictures off my blog.. thank-you*