Friday, 19 October 2012

MAC lipstick review - Russian Red

I haven't been able to blog recently because early last week my laptop broke. I was so upset because I do rely on my laptop for a lot of things such as schoolwork, I'm in the process of applying to university and I definitely cannot afford another laptop. Lucky my friend was able to sort out the problems on my laptop and I got it back today. He even installed Photoshop for me and put on some new music. I'm so relieved and happy.

Today I thought I would review the MAC Russian Red lipstick. I adore it. I bought it with my birthday money to treat myself. I had been wanting to try MAC products for ages. It cost £14, I'm haven't 100% decided if the lipstick is worth the "pricey" cost just yet, I'm still debating.

This lipstick is the perfect red. Red lipstick makes your lips stand out. I wouldn't say it's light, more of a medium/dark toned red but it is slightly bright. It's perfect for nights out!  I think it looks nice in the day too. I love the bullet packaging. I think it's cute yet sophisticated. 

It is a matte lipstick and I do believe it is long lasting. At meals I have noticed it comes off quickly buts that is obviously because you're eating so just take the lipstick with you and reapply it after food.

As you can see  it's a gorgeous shade of red!

I do think the lighting has made the lipstick look brighter and almost a dark pink in the picture above ..  naughty lighting!
My only complaint about the lipstick is that it does dry my lips out, even if I put on a moisturising lip balm before applying it. I do hate having dry lips so this little problem is annoying. It's winter now so my lips will be even more vulnerable. The dryness doesn't last long when the lipstick has been removed and I've put on more lip balm though, so I guess the lipstick isn't too bad.

I hope you enjoyed this little review. It's been so nice to blog again. School has been keeping me busy! Thank-you for reading! xx


  1. Really suits you girl :) Personally I think 14 quid is worth it... think how long it will last you.
    To stop your lips drying out, I tend to put on lippy and then lipcote to seal it. Then a heavy coat of lipbalm. Then just keep topping it up :)

    lets drive far away

    1. Thanks :) Hm maybe, it is good quality, like I said - I'm pretty much 100% certain its worth the price. That's a good idea, thank-you :)

  2. this looks so good on you,i really don't like the fact mac have put up their prices recently, at one time the lipsticks where £12.50, i really puts me off, it is a shame!! :( xx

    1. Thank-you ) Yeah I'm not a fan of the £14 price either, they are good quality though! :) xx

  3. Looks great on you!! :)
    Saadiya x