Monday, 3 September 2012

New Look, Superdrug and Matalan haul!

Last week I spent a day shopping, I wandered around my nearby retail park because I wanted new tops. I bought more than two tops - some lovely jewelry and some boots that I'll wear a lot this winter. I also went to Superdrug for nail varnish remover but got distracted and bought other things instead.. oops!

I adore both of these tops. They both have birds on which I really like on clothing and they are both really comfy. I especially love the detail on the black patterned top on the right. Both of these top are from New Look. The one on the left was £9.99 and the top on the right was £14.99 - I think! 

Above is a close up of the cute bird print on each top!

  • MUA lipstick - This was £1, I love their lipsticks!
  • Garnier eye make up remover - I'm not 100% sure whether I'm happy with this product or not, I'll let you know! This was around £3.50 but when I bought them, they were on offer - 2 for £3.99.
  • MUA face powder - I still haven't tried this yet but I'm hoping it'll be good. The MUA brand hasn't failed to displease me yet! 
  • MUA nail varnish - I have reviewed this already on my blog, I love it. It cost £1. 
All of the 4 items I mentioned above were from Superdrug. 

Both of these earrings were "buy one get one free", I've lost my receipt so I cannot remember how much they both were. They were around £3.50/£3.99 each. 

I bought this heart bracelet because I love the colour, it cost £3.50. The earrings cost £3.99, I bought them for school. I love the different coloured jewels" in them (fake obviously). They were both from New Look. 

These boots are going to be perfect for winter, I've mentally matched them up with so many different outfits already. I love the buckles on them too. These boots cost £18 and they were from Matalan. 


  1. i love the boots they are really unusual with the detail on the buckle, might have to make a special trip to Matalan! Xx

    1. Thanks :) Yeah go and have a look! :) xx

  2. Eee, the prints on the tops are so sweet!
    You grabbed yourself some lovely things :) x

  3. I love those earrings, especially the ones on the right! And Matalan are amazing for boots; even though they're cheap they actually keep your feet dry in the rain! xx