Monday, 16 June 2014

Recent Primark Purchases!

Hiya guys,

I have a little haul today from three recent shops in Primark. I went with my family firstly, by myself after a nice pay from work then last Friday I went with my boyfriend to the BRAND NEW Primark in Cardiff, which is fabulous. It has five floors, which may be smaller than some Primark stores, but it seemed massive to me. It is a lot nicer and brighter in the store now, there is also more space to move about, I used to feel really claustrophobic in the old Primark, and very nearly fainted in there once, so I'm quite happy with the new layout! Anyway, here's what I bought-


This bag is definitely one of my favourite purchases at £8, it is my new favourite bag. I've wanted a bag in this style for a while and I'm quite happy that there is a choice of two different straps. Black is also a colour that goes with pretty much everything I wear so this bag will be a well used accessory!

Following on from the black theme, here are my two new tops and my most favourite purchase, my playsuit in the middle. It is my first playsuit that cost £13 and I adore it. I haven't worn it out properly yet but it was very comfy when I tried it on. The tops were both bargains at £4. I thought the black top with the bright flowers on was slightly summery but will brighten up rainy days too, which I experience plenty of, living in Wales! Has anyone noticed the theme yet? .. FLORAL! I just love floral clothing, I think it's so pretty and I rarely buy something that isn't floral these days. My wardrobe looks like a flower shop!!

More floral items are my new headband and two of pairs of earrings. The headband cost around £2.50 and I think each set of earrings were £1, as two can be seen in the picture. The middle pair is out of the packaging because I forgot about my planned haul and I liked them too much to not wear them straight away! Primark jewellery is definitely cheap and cheerful, there's no denying its plastic but that's what you pay for. I've had no problems with any of their jewellery though and I'm yet to break any. The headband was bought for a wedding (possible post to follow) which really was a lovely addition to my outfit. The earrings on the far left look slightly gold in this picture but they are silver, I really like them and the swirly pattern on them. 
Here are three pairs of shoes that I have bought and have no space for! Seriously, my shoe collection is growing rapidly and I'm struggling for a place for them all! The purple and red shoes were two more bargains at £3 each. They are so comfy and I know from buying three other pairs of shoes in this style and price, that they are durable. The colours are great too, they will definitely brighten up most of my outfits. The pink shoes were slightly more pricey at £8 but these are really comfy too. It was great to find a decent pair of wide fit shoes, the only reason I bought wide fit is because my poor little toes always end up red and squashed in a normal pair.

I know that this is a cramped picture but I really was wary of cramming this post full of picture. Starting at the back, there are two pairs of leggings that I bought. These were £3 each!! I'm so happy I found them as they are so cheap and comfy. I never wear leggings but I loved the blue colour and price, and they were so comfy when I tried them on, so I ended up buying them and a grey pair too! The brown shorts were £5, these are another comfy item that are my favourite style of shorts. I hate denim shorts, I'm not sure why though as I like denim jeans and jeggings, but oh well. They are a nice style, I love that they are folded up at the bottom and I like the bow I can tie above the button. I haven't worn the skinny jeans yet, as you may be able to tell by all of the labels, but I like skinny jeans and I don't have jeans like them. These were a little more pricey at £11. I'm ashamed to say I didn't even look at the price before I bought them, I really am a dope sometimes, but I do like them and will get a lot of wear out of them.  
Lastly is this little bag that cost £6, I really have found so much use for it these past few weeks that I've had it. Its especially handy when you don't want to lug a large bag around with you. I like the mixture of black/white and light brown too, I think they really compliment each other and look great with the gold details. I like the chain strap too.

I've no doubt babbled on again as usual, but I hope you've enjoyed reading. If you aren't a big reader I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures of my purchases. I took these snaps with my new camera, and love it, so expect more picture heavy posts from me! I do like reviews and hauls I do enjoy lifestyle posts more, so am aiming to upload more of my own. Hopefully these posts will be fortnightly or monthly, yay!
Thanks for reading :) x


  1. Love everything! Especially the romper in the middle :)

    1. Thanks! Aw that is my favourite item, it'll be in an outfit post soon hopefully :)

  2. Such a nice post dear!xx
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    That would mean so much to me!
    Keep in touch ,love xoxo

    1. Thank-you. Yeah I'll have a look x