Friday, 7 March 2014

Instagram Catch-up!

I wish I had something interesting to write about but at the moment I honestly don't. I have a assignment due on Monday, on the most boring topic that could have been chosen and I have my anatomy exam next Wednesday. I love anatomy but exams still stress me out. I'm worried that my little brain will not remember a thing, especially when I also need to write my assignment too. There aren't enough hours in the day.

Next Friday I finish university for 11 weeks. This is due to a week to do a module booklet at home (I'll blog I promise), 7 weeks of placement which I'll discuss more in a moment, two weeks of Easter holidays which I'm really looking forward too and a reading week at the end of May which is basically a week to finish off my third and final assignment of year one, hurrah! As some of you may know, I'm studying Adult nursing. I finished my first placement on a cardiology ward which was VERY interesting and in just over two weeks I will begin a 7 week placement district nursing. I'm so excited to work with patients again and to care for them, as that's what I miss the most once my placements are over.

Now that I've bored you enough, I thought I'd play catch up via Instagram. I have not blogged for months, it always happens, here is attempt 97882983 to become a regular blogger again...

I had a lovely Christmas with all of my family. I actually thoroughly enjoyed the day and took the photo above with my little sister. She was still a little annoyance all day though!

My best friend Lauren also came home for Christmas and we enjoyed a Frankie and Benny's together. We stuffed our faces with three courses of their delicious lunch menu. Lauren moved to Ormskirk, near Liverpool, for university so it was so nice to see her. 

My not so little brother turned 18 years old, which has made me feel pretty old, even though I'm only 18 months older. We had lots of fun growing up and I can still remember all of our silly, little games. Playing trampoline on our beds is my favourite memory, so much fun!

To celebrate his birthday, we had a family meal at Frankie and Benny's (yes I had another one) and I ate the delicious burger and fries above. I'm drooling looking at the picture. 

At the start of February we had a tiny layer of snow. It was a disappointing amount but I covered myself and my 4 year old brother up in wellies, coats, gloves and hats then we ventured out. I also took my dog Bailey out for his first experience of snow. He loved giving it a big sniff then jumping back. 

My 4 year old brother Isaac also brought home these very cute Valentines treats from school. He had to eat the cake though!

I also had my first Valentines day with my lovely boyfriend. He gave me the card and very cute presents above. We then went for a meal and to the cinema, it was a very nice night.

I also walked through the wood's by my boyfriend's house and captured the picture above of the sun shining through the trees. I thought it looked beautiful and I couldn't resist whipping my phone out for a quick snap. It definitely brightened up my day.  

Last week I donated blood for the seventh time. I honestly feel so proud of myself, because once it's all over I can't help but think I've helped improved or possibly helped save somebody's life. It is an amazing feeling and I honestly recommend giving it a try. I also discovered yesterday that cats can donate blood to other cats if you sign up via the vets, I don't have a pet cat but I thought that it's a pretty good idea. 

I've also spent a lot of time with my university friend Danielle. She's a lovely person and has definitely become one of my closest friends. We've had quite a few laughs in university too.

Also to finish off, I have not stopped eating Easter treats. I blame the shops for putting everything out waaaay too early. Mini Eggs are by far my biggest addiction, the chocolates in sugar coated shells are delicious. 

I hope this post was a little interesting and you've enjoyed having a look at my Instagram pictures. I've actually enjoyed writing this spontaneous post and it's definitely made me realise that Instagram is a memory builder, I love using mine.
I'll post again next week after the dreaded exam. Thanks for reading! xx

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