Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Look Haul

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of posts recently. I've spent the last two weeks settling into university, which has definitely been a very exciting but busy experience so far. I am now a student nurse, yay!
Now that I'm becoming more settled into my new routine I am hoping to post more regularly.

Last week I decided to waste spend some of my student loan. I hadn't had a proper shop for a while and I wanted some new bits for winter and university. The 'winter' shop quickly slipped away as I shopped because the two tops and shirt that I bought have no sleeves. Definitely helpful in the cold weather! (Sarcasm of course).

The first three items I purchased were an online order. I HATE ordering clothes online. I find myself worrying about the size and if the clothing will suit me, as well as the material. Luckily I was very pleased with my New Look order and the 3 items I purchased were just as I expected them to be.

Floral Cami

This floral cami was a bargain at £6. It is not suitable for winter due to the thin material and straps but despite this I have worn it with my cream cardigan (seen below) and I really do like it. I'm also a sucker for anything floral, I can't explain why but I really like floral patterns on everything. This floral pattern is a gorgeous mix of colours that stands out brightly against the black. This cami is in my size but it is loose and floaty, which was another bonus, as I hate clingy, tight clothing.

Cream Cardigan

This cardigan was another online purchase, it cost £19.99. It is comfy and warm, a typical cardigan! I love the creamy colour which is a shade that can easily be paired up with plenty of other clothing items in my wardrobe. I really like the knitted pattern on the cardigan too. I will definitely be wearing this cardigan a lot this winter.

Teal Peplum Top

Admittedly this top is a little boring but I love the teal colour. It was £8.99 and is also avaliable in a variety of other colours. I also like the peplum style as I think it compliments my body shape. The top is comfy and I'll be wearing it with my black leggings, cardigan and black boots for a casual winter outfit. 

Floral Shirt

This shirt is possibly my favourite purchase. Yes its another floral patttern, but the mixture of black, pink, white and grey strangely has a winter 'feel' in my opinion. I can't find it online or find my receipt but it was around £13 which is a reasonable price. The collar is also a cute addition to the shirt. It is a sleeveless shirt but I think it'll look nice with my cream cardigan or leather jacket!

Aztec Style Dress

This dress stood out in the shop because of the bright pattern. I looked at the label and pleasantly discovered that it was in the sale, priced at £14. I am very excited to finally wear it for a meal next week and at other occasions coming up. I like the pattern on the dress and its a nice change from the other dresses I own (about a million floral ones). 

I hope you enjoyed reading and having a nose at what I've bought.
I am definitely going to try and put up an outfit post this week because I know it'll be a better way to show you some of the clothes and how I styled them.
If you have posted any autumn/winter clothing posts, please feel free to link them below. I'd love to have a read!


  1. Hey Alex! Ahh your cream jumper is gorgeous, and the aztec dress. Thanks for getting back to me about the NO. 7 polishes. I actually brought them a couple of weeks ago on your recomendation! Mel xx

    1. Thanks, I really have enjoyed wearing both. I hope you have liked the nail varnishes, they are my favourites xx

  2. Great stuff! I especially like that cream cardigan :) It looks really warm and cozy!