Tuesday, 24 September 2013


At the end of July I went on a short holiday to Cornwall with my mother and two youngest siblings. Cornwall is a lovely county at the very south of England. I really enjoyed my stay there as there was a variety of different places to go, such as the gorgeous beaches! This is why I thought I'd share my trip with you all. 
I apologise for all of the pictures but it's the best way to show you all how beautiful Cornwall is. 

Polzeath Beach

Polzeath was the first beach we went too in Cornwall. It is a quiet beach with great scenery - the perfect place to relax. There was also the odd seagull hanging about. I followed the seagull below for quite a long time until I got a few decent shots of him - he wouldn't stay still!!
Despite the sea being a few feet away, my four old brother spent most of our day at the beach messing about in the puddles and rock pools. He got soaking wet and mixed the sand with water to create a 'mud sand' which he splattered all over himself too.
Personally, I preferred to chill out with a book and the best icecream I have ever tasted. The cool sea breeze made me feel a little chilly, which disguised the heat of the burning sun. I got sun burnt! 

Land's End

Land's End is a world famous landmark which marks the last point at the south of Britain.
This meant I was pretty much at the tip of Britain, right at the bottom! It felt like a VERY cool place to be! 
It was amazing to see miles of the Atlantic Ocean from the top of the cliffs. The surrounding scenery was also really pretty. 
You may also recognise the famous sign post below which was the biggest attraction there.
I'm sorry I didn't take more photographs but it was packed full of tourists. I wish I could have captured the cute, little shopping area but I don't think strangers would have been very pleased about being in my pictures - my bright camera flash is not very subtle! 


Newquay is seriously the most gorgeous beach I've ever been too. It is definitely my favourite place in Cornwall.
Newquay does attract a lot of tourists, such as myself, but the beach is very wide so it isn't crowded. 
I spent my day pouring over magazines, eating ice cream, drinking cold drinks and sunbathing because it was very warm. I didn't burn - yay!
I also went a little over the top with my sandcastle making skills and built "sandcastle city" with my 10 year old sister and 4 year old brother. This kept them occupied for quite a while and admittedly.. my inner child enjoyed a bit of sandcastle building too!
Newquay really was the most perfect place to chill out and relax on a calm, delightful beach. It was an enjoyable place to be and I was happy to spend my whole day there.

Sandcastle City!

I thought this post would be interesting if you don't live in Britain or have never been to Cornwall. I also wanted to share my pictures of the beautiful places I visited. I went to a few other places but I think the three places above deserve a mention the most, as they were my three favourite places. There are definitely plenty of other things to do and see in Cornwall though. Personally, I loved the place!

Have you ever been to Cornwall? What do you think of Cornwall?


  1. I absolutely love Cornwall! I live in Devon so I'm fairly close to it :) I used to holiday there all the time as a child, I have so many amazing memories of the place :)

    You're photos look great! :)

    Charlotte xxx


    1. Aw thats lovely, I'd love to visit Devon too, I have heard that they are similar :). I wish I had, I'd have loved it as a child! Thanks :). xxx

  2. Aw issac looks so cute Al.
    The photos are lovely :) xx

  3. Lovely!!


  4. Amazing photos!


  5. Great photos, Cornwall looks amazing! I've never been. Oh, and that ice cream <3

    http://www.ragsoflove.com/ xx

    1. It really was amazing! Mm the icecream was very nice! :) xx

  6. Long time, no read :( that makes me sad! Your holiday looks wonderful and beautiful!