Monday, 16 September 2013

Primark Bargains!

Whenever I go to Primark, I spend ages pondering around each and every clothing stand/rack to seek out good bargains. I've always been a fan of Primark and their clothing. They may not sell the best quality clothing but its good enough  for me at their cheap and affordable prices.

A few weeks ago when I was "bargain hunting" in Primark, I successfully found one of these £4 tops, followed by the other two. I was shocked by the price and wondered how good they would be. At £12 for 3 tops, I decided to try them out.

The reason I first picked them up, was not the low price, but the patterns. I love the floral and Aztec type patterns on the tops. They stand out and I instantly knew I could match each top up with other items of clothing that I own.

The floral pattern against the white really is bright. I love the cute flowers though. The Aztec patterns, are admittedly similar, but one is bright mixtures of colours whilst the other is black and white with a floral pattern.

I've felt comfy wearing the tops at a baggy size (I hate tight clothing) and they look casual with a pair of jeans. I reckon that the tops could be dressed up a bit for a nicer, smarter outfit but I haven't attempted this yet. The tops are also dip hem. It may be hard to tell in the images (sorry!), but they do have a dip at the back. I really like dip hem tops!

As you may have guessed the tops are thin and they are sleeveless. This hasn't bothered me yet but it does mean that they won't be particularly suitable for Winter. I am stubborn however, and am not ready to put them away until the warm weather returns, so I am planning to wear them with cardigans and jackets through the cold, winter months .. Maybe a top underneath on an especially cold day!

Also the thin material isn't see-through - hurrah! Personally I'm not a fan of see-through tops. I don't know why but I feel that a vest or bra (that I'd rather keep hidden) kind of ruins the outfit and reveals too much.

Overall I am very glad that I found these tops. I've enjoyed wearing them, I've not felt any disappointment from the quality or comfort of them. I definitely recommend you look out for one, or all three, if you happen to visit a Primark anytime soon!

 Thank-you Primark! I'll definitely be doing one or two outfit posts to show what I've worn with the tops :).