Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Best Friends Birthday

Yesterday was my best friends 20th birthday. I was more excited for the day than she was! I got up early to make her cupcakes, then went to her house to give her presents to her, eat cake and get ready for the cinema. I really wanted to make her day special because she is my closest friend and it turned out to be pretty fun!

Ashlee has been my friend for nearly 6 years now. We met in school and became friends. I moved from England to Wales just before my 14th birthday and joined year 10 where I met Ashlee. We became close very quickly and a reason for this was that the back of my house faced the back of her house. We used to shout and wave out of our bedroom windows most evenings, which was entertaining. I loved popping round to see her easily and quickly. We had so much fun at 14 and still do now when we see each other. I moved houses 3 years ago so our window waving stopped!

A few weeks ago we decided to have a "cupcake competition", I would make Ashlee cupcakes and she will make me some on my birthday in just over a months time. I made vanilla cupcakes (Ashlee's favourite) with pastel pink icing, sprinkles and butterflies. They were so fun to make and I loved practising my piping, there's roses underneath the sprinkles! The icing on some cakes is quite messy though because, much to my annoyance, the icing bag broke after I'd iced two cakes! I think they turned out pretty well. Best of all, they were delicious.

After Ashlee had admired the cakes, it was present time!
I  bought Ashlee some pyjamas (Primark), a bath bomb (Lush), two mini Yankee candles (Asdas), a bag (Primark), a limited edition Barry M nail varnish (Boots) and her favourite present, a travel scrapbook (Tescos).
Lush bath bombs are the perfect present for any bath lover!
After we'd chilled in Ashlee's house for a bit we went to our favourite Chinese, which is so yummy and cheap,  then went  to watch 'The Fault In Our Stars'. I won't spoil it for anyone but it was filmed beautifully. If you're going to watch it or have watched it without reading the book, then I recommend you do, as it is a really good book too!
Ashlee really enjoyed her birthday and I did too.


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    1. Its okay, I had to comment! :) Glad you enjoyed it. Okay shall have a look xx