Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Bad Blogger!

I haven't blogged since June 24th 2014 and this disgusts me.. it's not quite been a year but it nearly has. I always think about my little blog, miss it, plan what to write but I never end up putting finger/s to keyboard.

I've looked back over old posts tonight and smiled. I loved writing them, I loved taking pictures for them and I loved reading any lovely comments that I was lucky enough to recieve. I really want to get back into it and I am definitely going to attempt too. At the moment I am a busy nursing student avoiding work, but once the massive workload I have on my plate is out of the way, I am determined to get back into the swing of blogging.

I used to love the make-up/clothing posts, the odd one may still arise, but I would like to create more of a "lifestyle" blog. I haven't completely lost an interest in make-up and clothing, I still wear make-up and I definitely still shop, but the strong interest I had has slipped away.. although I still do enjoy nosing at what other people are wearing and buying! Anyway for my little blog I'm going to change things around a bit. I've never been a big regular blogger but I would like to share more of my life in South Wales and the things I love. Maybe some helpful tips/advice and stuff too. I have a few ideas of posts already that I can't wait to write. I know nobody is a big reader of my blog or misses my posts (I do with some of my favourite bloggers!!) but I hope you enjoy what you read. I'm posting for myself too selfishly to look back on.

For now - here's a little picture of my favour flowers at the moment.. Daffodils. A Welsh emblem. I'm not Welsh, I'm English, but these flowers are beautiful. They were a bedroom treat for St David's day at the start of March!

I hope to be blogging soon! x

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