Sunday, 24 May 2015

Say Hello to Phoebe!

Yesterday afternoon a second dog joined my family - a gorgeous little Labrodoodle puppy named Phoebe.

For years we have all wanted a pet dog but my mother was apprehensive. Two years ago she gave in to our begging and we became owners of our first Labroodle puppy called Bailey.. which you can read about in THIS post. We all instantly fell in love with Bailey and he quickly became a big part of our family.
Making friends with Bailey!

We'd discussed and joked about getting Bailey some canine company for months before we firmly decided that we would welcome a second dog into our family. My mother also decided the new puppy would be a surprise present for my fathers upcoming 40th birthday - he loves dogs! We all agreed we wanted a second Labrodoodle, the same breed as our very loved Bailey! Unfortunately my 5 year old brother can't keep secrets so it wasn't a surprise for my father after all but my father became very excited for his birthday present pet though!

So that's the story behind our lovely new puppy, Phoebe!

Kisses and licks for my sister!
We first viewed Phoebe around three weeks ago and the wait since has felt like three years, not three weeks!
She wasn't upset when she left her first home and she has settled into our home really quickly. She loves sleeping and she is very playful, both are expected as she is still a young puppy. She especially loves biting ears and toes.. not mine yet thankfully! She's slowly starting to get used to her name too I think.

My brotheer playing with Phoebe - action shot!

She looks like a labrador at the moment but her fur is definitely less smooth and more "wirey" like a poodles. It'll be interesting to see how she looks when shes older. Bailey grew so fast and I'm sad to say that I think Phoebe will grow really quickly too!

So tiny!
Like Bailey, I have instantly fallen in love with my Phoebe!!
I love dogs, they are lovely companions and I feel very blessed to have two of them now. A puppy is hard work but they are so worth it, Phoebe is very well behaved so far too thankfully.

Myself and Phoebe!
 Thank-you for taking the time to read this post and I hope you enjoyed hearing about my new puppy. I love writing posts like this so I can read back on it the future, a new dog is definitely a big event and lifestyle change - a brilliant change in my opinion!!
Thanks for reading! Xx


  1. Oh my god she is adorable!!!! What a cutie :)

    Thank you for your comment on my recent recipe. The green beans are raw when you put them in the oven, and they steam inside the foil parcel like the fish does. It's so tasty. And the dill creates a delicious flavour to the fish. You must try it! xx

    1. Thank-you - I couldn't agree more!! :)

      Thanks for letting me know, I will definitely try it and let you know what I think :) I'll try to find som dill too! xx