Friday, 18 May 2012

Small beauty/skincare haul.

Hellooo, I hope you are all well! :)
Yesterday, after a week of stressful, annoying exams I decided to have a wonder around my local town centre and treat myself to a few new make-up bits. I bought and found alot more than I was expecting too. I went to Superdrug to try and buy the new Sleek eyeshadow palette but unfortunately my local Superdrug doesn't sell Sleek prouducts, not good!

I bought all six things for under £10!

I bought the five products above from Superdrug. Superdrug are currently doing a 3 for 2 offer on all make-up.

I bought two MUA products which are only £1 because I wanted to try them out and I bought another BarryM nail varnish in the shade "mushroom". It's actually darker than in the picture, the terrible quality of the photo has made it look lighter. The nail varnish cost £2.99. Due to the offer I only paid £4.

As I was leaving Superdrug I spotted this deodorant spray and vaseline moisturiser. I bought the deodrant because I was running out of my current one. I bought the moisturiser because I've had a cold for the past week and some of my skin has gone dry, I don't know if the cold is too blame but I had to get my skin back to normal!!
"Light feeling lotion" instantly caught my attention, I didn't want a thick heavy cream.
I cant remember the exact prices of the products and I'm not an organised person, my receipt is lost already! But these two products, together, cost just under £3.

I then went to Tesco to buy some lunch and decided to check if this eyeshadow palette was in stock. It was! HURRAY! I've wanted to try this one for ages, it only costs £2.50.

I will review all the products over the next two weeks except the deodorant and let you all know what I thought about them and go into more detailed. I've started using the moisturiser and I currently have "mushroom" coloured nails, very happy with those two products! Tesco is also currently doing a 3 for 2 deal on make-up and skincare and another 3 for 2 deal on all hair products!
I'm sorry about the terrible quality of the photos, especially the eyeshadow one. The lighting was bad when I took them and I cant find any good photo editing websites - any suggestions please?!

I hope you all enjoyed this post. xx


  1. I really want to try VIVO make up but the Tesco near me doesn't stock it, and I want to see the colours myself rather than order online! Just gotta hope it comes to a store near me very soon, all their stuff looks fab! (: xx

  2. The Tescos near me does but the eye shadow palette I bought has been out of stock for ages :( It should be in every store too, it would sell well! I hope it does :) xx

  3. You got to love a beauty haul :) we never have those kind of 3 for 2 deals on make-up over here :S
    Hope you're having a nice weekend!

    1. Thankyou :) Aw that's such a shame :( Maybe the idea will spread overseas in a few years! Thankyou, I hope you are too!