Sunday, 20 May 2012

Photography Coursework Pictures.

Today is a life post. I thought I would show you all my photography coursework pictures. Photography is one of my favourote hobbies, the second being baking. I love the idea of "making art" through a camera and capturing beautiful moments or things.
Last september I started my photography As level course as I was itching to learn more camera skills and  techniques whilst acheiveing a an As/A level by doing one of my most favourite things.
My coursework theme was "places in time" so I decided to mainly focus on decay as there are a large amount of old building and areas in my local town in South Wales. Here are my final pictures-

Personally the picture of the castle (Cyfarthfa Castle) and the "No Parking" sign are my favourite images.
I hope that this post interested some of you. My exam theme is "People and their possessions" so maybe I'll show you those pictures too when I have took them.
Next year I pick my own coursework theme to I'm excited to visit loads of animal filled places this summer such as Bristol zoo as I've always wanted to do a bit of animal photography!

Thankyou for reading, I hope you all had a great weekend. xx