Sunday, 4 March 2012

My late february favourites

Okay, so this post is late. I have had a very busy weekend, my grandparents came to visit from England so I have spent alot of time with them and my family.
Anyway I thought I would show you something of my favourite things that I have worn, used and read this past month!

                                                        Hair balm and Deodorant

On the left is a hair product. I purchased this hairbalm from Avon, my friend is an Avon representative so I ordered it from her. It cost around £2 which is cheap and it is actually a good product. It is a balm that you put on your hair and it makes mine go really soft. It smells really nice too!!

On the right is a deodorant.The brand is 'Garnier Minerals' and it is the 48 hour deodorant. It is currently on offer in Tescos at the moment for £1.50. It works really well and I love spray deodrants. It doesnt leave marks either and it does not take long to dry, which is really helpful when your in a rush. I will be purchasing it again, I was really happy with it!

                                                                       Nail Polishes

I took this photo with the bottles at a funny angle but this is the only good quality one I had took.

The pink one is a 'Barry M' nail varnish and is in the shade 'Peach Melba'. I haven't tried this nail varnish yet or the Barry M brand but I am really excited too. I think that it is a nice spring/summer colour. This cost around £3, I bought it from Superdrug.

The glittery nail varnish is in the shade 'Disco Ball' by 'Rimmel London'. I havent tried this yet either but I think I will match it with the blue one. This also cost around £3 from Superdrug.

The blue nail varnish is in the shade 'Topaz' by 'The Natural Collection'. This only cost around £1.80 from Boots. I haven't tried it yet but my other nail varnishes from The Natural Collection have been good.

The reddy/purple nail varnish is also from 'The Natural Collection' in the shade 'Raspberry'. this also cost  around £1.80. I have done a review of this nail varnish on my blog already -

                                                             The Hunger Games

This is one of my favourite books at the moment. There is alot of hype about it because the film is coming out and it is becoming very popular. I got the book for christmas but i have only just got around to finishing it. It was a great book, it is very different from other books and has a good plot, which keeps readers like myself "hooked". I couldnt put it down! Please give it a try if your a reader, it really was a brilliant read.

Wolf Vest Top and Pink Skinny Jeans

The wolf tank top is from New Look and it cost £13. It is really comfy and the design is interesting, I think that the wolf howling at the moon is pretty cool. It looks like there is a stain at the bottom of the top but its just wear I had to wet it to rub off a little mark.

The pink skinny jeans are from Internacionale and cost around £13. I think they were in the sale though. They are really comfy and I love the colour. They go well with the wolf tank top.

                                                            Thankyou for reading :)

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